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**CLOSED**Offering Stakes for mtts/mttsngs **CLOSED**Offering Stakes for mtts/mttsngs

09-26-2010 , 09:03 AM
Originally Posted by reddeevil
Perfect, looked for a fellow staker in my own legiue. Forgive me if my english is not that good
Any way we should talk, this is reddeevil. Rank 3 winner of last years wcoop online event.

A quick answer here,
- What is your primary poker account and where else HAVE you played?

Pokerstars is the main account for majour mtt events

- Please provide references if you have them. It is a plus if you do.
Sure here is current states made in the past.

- Why do you want to be staked?
Currently not enough founds in BR for the event

- Which buy-ins/formats are you looking to be staked for?
5,200 usd buyin for wcoop main event, account, reddeevil transfer to that account. 50 % stake offerd to staker

- Do you have any previous stats available to show past results?
Link above or just google reddeevil. Finnished of rank 3 wcoop 2009 main event.

- How many tables at a time are you able to play efficiently?
- How much volume do you think you could put in per week/month?
15 hours daily

- If you have aim/msn/skype I need this information to contact you
Confirmed, any request to stake will be sent to a friends email;

- Is there any other applicable info you would like to share?
Top online mtt player seeking to be staked asap for event at pokerstars. Proof or any thing to provide identity is no problem. Will get number one this years event and not number 3
I will place images of my pokerstars account inside view if needed! Or play a cash game against you+ chat live at pokerstar table.

I will answer all later, abit bussy but. Purchase buyin 5,2 k dollars i will play on reddeevil and 50 % share offerd any winnings. PM or email me asap.
09-26-2010 , 10:10 AM
Excuse me but what is so funny ?
Fact that i took out 1 million dollars and bought a house and staked noobs with 100 k dollars , bad move but im surpluss at 900 k so whats so lol about that?
09-26-2010 , 10:46 AM
hey mement!

idk if u remember me but we were at the swu final table a few months ago together. you play GREAT! gl with the coaching and keep on crushin poker.

09-26-2010 , 11:49 AM
skjera reddeevil
09-26-2010 , 12:18 PM
Originally Posted by kashmirpoker
skjera reddeevil
Ikke så mye, prøver å få shares solgt for event ikveld på stars.
Ser ut til at jeg ikke får min hevn i år
09-27-2010 , 11:19 AM
Pretty busy playing live poker and wcoop for the last week but keep em coming.
09-27-2010 , 01:23 PM
PM sent
Pokerstars RenTob
FullTilt RenTob
09-27-2010 , 02:30 PM
you definitely just looking for midstakes?
09-27-2010 , 02:44 PM
pm sent.

elcid926 on ftp
el cid926 on stars

ElCid926 on p5's.(post more frequently)
09-27-2010 , 05:44 PM
Originally Posted by moneyinbag
you definitely just looking for midstakes?
for now, yes.
09-27-2010 , 09:07 PM
applied. protentialmn on ps.
09-27-2010 , 09:26 PM
PM sent.

erb4321 - Stars
ChipShipment - FTP
09-28-2010 , 07:16 AM
pm sent

truesyalose on ftp/stars/ub
09-28-2010 , 05:30 PM
PM sent
alexmich on ftp
09-28-2010 , 07:00 PM
Hehe Dutchies on the rise
09-29-2010 , 12:12 AM
pm sent
_JMCD_89 on stars
jmcd_89 tilt
09-29-2010 , 05:56 AM
PM Sent

Drk Confdant on Full Tilt/Stars/Absolute
09-29-2010 , 11:29 AM
More infractions given. Keep it up guys!
09-29-2010 , 11:32 AM
Didn't know, sorry

PS/FTP nickname: Brinkytinky
09-29-2010 , 11:42 AM
Pm sent, nickname nederlanders stars/ftp
09-29-2010 , 01:06 PM
PM Sent.
MarcusMPG on Stars, d3stroy3r on ftp
09-29-2010 , 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by Protential
applied. protentialmn on ps.
nice resteal bro
09-30-2010 , 01:25 AM
whats up mement I cant send PM's brand new to the website bro----
hardly play ne wheres else we play alot together get back to me thx
09-30-2010 , 04:11 AM
pm sent, KingOfThe$ea on PokerStars.
09-30-2010 , 11:50 PM
PM sent, fabregarp at stars/FTP