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**CLOSED**Offering Stakes for mtts/mttsngs **CLOSED**Offering Stakes for mtts/mttsngs

09-22-2010 , 06:42 PM
PM sent

ImAllInNow on Stars and FTP
09-22-2010 , 06:57 PM
Originally Posted by alzy
pm sent
pm sent
alzy27 on FT
09-22-2010 , 08:36 PM
PM sent.
Thx4urM0ney - PS
Jeffr8 - FTP
09-22-2010 , 08:38 PM
Originally Posted by Aznpowr11
AFAIK, 2p2's rule for this forum when posting a "pm sent" post when applying for a stake is to list screen names across sites.

Someone can confirm/correct me.

helps to catch scammers
09-22-2010 , 08:39 PM
thank you PM Sent, DWAAYNE - PS DwayneStacey - FT
09-22-2010 , 09:12 PM
PM sent. Trimcards on stars/ft. Thanks.
09-23-2010 , 11:00 AM
PM sent trionojnika - PS ,trino115 -FT
09-23-2010 , 10:44 PM
Gimme 80-20 and ill think about it
09-24-2010 , 05:15 AM
PM Sent. happypuppy20 on stars
09-24-2010 , 01:46 PM
PM sent
Stars - Ozington
FTP - Ozzington
09-24-2010 , 03:03 PM
Originally Posted by elomeyn
Banned here
and here
and here

and does super shady stuff like this

I have reason to believe is posing
as an MSN Administrator untruthfully, and would advise
after confirmation from a sysop and someone who runs a
msn messenger help site that
you avoid this imposter at all costs.
09-24-2010 , 03:07 PM
pm sent Ssick_one stars
09-24-2010 , 03:40 PM
just became in need of backing. Sent PM

09-24-2010 , 05:06 PM
Originally Posted by Aznpowr11
Great offer from mement here, but ffs, half the "pm sent" posts don't have screen names listed, lol
Originally Posted by Aznpowr11
AFAIK, 2p2's rule for this forum when posting a "pm sent" post when applying for a stake is to list screen names across sites.

Someone can confirm/correct me.
This is correct. I gave about 15 infractions in this thread. Linking to your results or posting screenshots does not qualify. Screennames must be typed into your response for search exposure. I wonder how many complaining PMs i'll get.

Thanks D.S. -- Perma'd again
09-24-2010 , 05:11 PM
PM Sent
stL.ZadkieL on Stars
ZzRick on Ftp
09-24-2010 , 05:31 PM
pm sent Kamekkusu on FTP
09-24-2010 , 05:56 PM
PM sent, Aftret on Pokerstars
09-24-2010 , 06:37 PM
pm sent
Chief Wiggum on FT and teh_wizZ on Stars
09-24-2010 , 07:40 PM
pmed brandanz bustedwadz
09-24-2010 , 08:50 PM
PM sent.
Takezo1980 on both.
09-25-2010 , 07:15 PM
pm sent.
Eirik227 stars
09-25-2010 , 11:21 PM
pm Sent

peerlesspig on Stars+ Fulltilt
09-26-2010 , 12:06 AM
PM Sent
Tilter PokerStars
PrepareToTILT FullTilt
09-26-2010 , 03:23 AM
hey mickey sent u a pm

plzjusthold - ftp
plzjusthold - stars
plzjusthold - UB

hope to hear back from u soon m8

*things i didnt include in pm*

i currently play fulltime, love the game but one thing that i thinks real important is that i love that MTT grind, often grinding 80 hours a week, some would say its crazy, but to me aslong as u keep a balanced life grinding is no different to having a job that requires alot of hours!

currently made around 50k profit over all sites,

Last edited by H0LDiT; 09-26-2010 at 03:27 AM. Reason: things i didnt include in pm
09-26-2010 , 07:41 AM
Originally Posted by mement_mori
Hey Everyone

For those of you that don't know me my name is Mickey Petersen and I play online mtts on across the big sites as mement_mori and i'm a longtime member of 2+2 as well as an instructor on Cardrunners. I am currently looking for a maximum of 1-2 horses who plays midstakes to add to my stable. This thread is mainly for gauging interest and seeing what kind of offers I can get.
Unfortunately I have a pretty busy schedule (I am currently in London playing WSOPE/EPT) and don't have enough time to respond to everyone so if I don't respond don't take offense, it just means that you are not what I am currently looking for. I WILL get back to you if I am interested within a couple of days so please don't send me more pm's if I dont reply to you.

What I am looking for:

- people who are lifetime winners in online tournaments
- people who have been a member of the community for at least six months, are active on 2+2 and have people that can vouch for them.
- people who aren't stubborn and are willing to admit mistakes, have an open mind and are willing to learn.
- people who are able to put in a decent amount of volume.

Info I want you to include in the pm

- All your screennames across the sites, including eurosites + hendonmob profile
- Who are you references, if you don't have any your chance of being backed is nonexistent.
- a brief summary of your poker career so far.
- what your main games are and what you would like to be staked for.
- How much volume you will be able to put in on a monthly basis (please don't exaggerate because I will check up on this) and how many tables you usually play at a time.
- what kind of % split do you think you would be fair?
- how old are you and what kind of commitments (job, study etc) do you have?
- anything you else think might be relevant

If you don't even take the time to answer those things thoroughly then you are not the kind of horse I am looking for, please keep that in mind when you reply.

What can I offer you?:

- I have had success at all stakes in online tournaments and will be able to help you improve your game no matter what stakes you are playing.
I am reliable and a trusted member If you end up getting into a more longterm deal with me I am also well connected in the poker community and might be able to help you open up even more doors for you in the future.

- I will offer/request to go over a full tournament hand history of yours at least once a month for free, I will also often be available for general strategy talk and line checks.

- I am able to take action on almost all pokersites including Pokerstars, Full Tilt, AP/UB, Bodog, Cake, Party Poker, Ongame, Ipoker etc.

- I will help you come up with a good grinding schedule that will be aiming at maximizing your income and will be evaluated and improved whenever you or I feel like it.

What kind of games can I offer you?

Well pretty much everything! I have backed people up to 1ks and 200rs and people for small and mistakes as well. I currently back someone for 45mans on FTP and 180s on stars as well so those certainly aren't out of the question either. At this time my main focus is on people who are playing small-mid stakes mtts though (not micros). I have put people that I trust in a couple of bigger live events as well so if we build up a good relationship that is certainly a possibility as well.

What kind of split am I offering?

I am very flexible and this and it depends on a bunch of stuff including results, volume, stakes, profit on the stake etc.
The most normal deal is 50-50 though but I have given some people as well as 70-30 so even if you already have a deal I might be able to offer you something more appealing, can't hurt to ask!

Please let me know if you have any further questions

Perfect, looked for a fellow staker in my own legiue. Forgive me if my english is not that good
Any way we should talk, this is reddeevil. Rank 3 winner of last years wcoop online event.

A quick answer here,
- What is your primary poker account and where else HAVE you played?

Pokerstars is the main account for majour mtt events

- Please provide references if you have them. It is a plus if you do.
Sure here is current states made in the past.

- Why do you want to be staked?
Currently not enough founds in BR for the event

- Which buy-ins/formats are you looking to be staked for?
5,200 usd buyin for wcoop main event, account, reddeevil transfer to that account. 50 % stake offerd to staker

- Do you have any previous stats available to show past results?
Link above or just google reddeevil. Finnished of rank 3 wcoop 2009 main event.

- How many tables at a time are you able to play efficiently?
- How much volume do you think you could put in per week/month?
15 hours daily

- If you have aim/msn/skype I need this information to contact you
Confirmed, any request to stake will be sent to a friends email;

- Is there any other applicable info you would like to share?
Top online mtt player seeking to be staked asap for event at pokerstars. Proof or any thing to provide identity is no problem. Will get number one this years event and not number 3
I will place images of my pokerstars account inside view if needed! Or play a cash game against you+ chat live at pokerstar table.

I will answer all later, abit bussy but. Purchase buyin 5,2 k dollars i will play on reddeevil and 50 % share offerd any winnings. PM or email me asap.