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Steel Phoenix Spin & Go, HU EV Deal (pool, staking)

Steel Phoenix - The biggest Spin 'n' Go pool in the world

Hello everyone, we are the Steel Phoenix team.

We've been offering EV Deal/pool services since 2016. During this time, we have grown from a Russian-speaking craft pool to an international organization.
Lots of well-known spin&go players trust us, such as mararthur1, BennySilver, nice2meet885, 24HourATM, fig6, DARKKKISU, gRRRiz, FREEQ7Z, MonkeyBausss, WinterHedge, Chrobson, Newb Guy, S Georgiev, etc.

About our pool.

We have over 750 players who play over 1,4 million tournaments per month resulting in over $55 million in buy-ins with ABI 40$.

We offer our services for $5-$500 Spin & Go and SNG HU HT players who play on .eu .es .it and Partypoker.

Our main profile is EV Deal/Pool, but we also have a complete gentleman's set:
The school (from our partners)
That services are totally optional.

Our split system

1) The total EV ROI of the pool is calculated (EV ROI = EV profit / the amount of buy-ins * 100, where the amount of buy-ins = the amount of tournaments * limit).
2) The total actual ROI of the pool is calculated (ROI = actual profit / the amount of buy-ins * 100).
3) The coeff of ROI's deviation is calculated (coeff = ROI - EV ROI).
4) The EV ROI of each player is calculated.
5) The EV ROI of each player is increased or decreased depending on the coeff.
Based on the new EV ROI, $EV is calculated in reverse order.
6) The difference between $EV and actual profit is the amount to be sent/received to or from the pool.

You can play around with numbers on our calculator


Fix coeff option

In addition to our pool options, we offer a coefficient insurance service with better conditions on the market. Players who use this service get a payout with a fixed coeff which is -0.15%EV ROI at the moment regardless of how the pool played as a whole.

What’s the fee? / / Party
2$ limit - 5$ (2,5bi) / 2€ limit - 5€ / 3$ limit - 7$ (2,33bi)
5$ limit - 11$ (2,2bi) / 5€ limit - 11€ / 5$ limit - 11$ (2,2bi)
10$ limit - 20$ (2bi) / 10€ limit - 20€ / 10$ limit - 20$ (2bi)
25$ limit - 40$ (1,6bi) / 25€ limit - 40€ / 20$ limit - 32$ (1,6bi)
50$ limit - 65$ (1,3bi) / 50€ limit - 65€ / 50$ limit - 65$ (1,3bi)
100$ limit - 100$ (1bi) / 100€ limit - 100€ / 100$ limit - 100$ (1bi)
250$ limit - 200$ (0,8bi) / 250€ limit - 200€ / 250$ - 200$ (0,8bi)
500$ limit - 300$ (0,6bi)

A fee is taken at the end of the pool period and is based on the highest limit played. It is included in the transfer sheet.

How to join

We're glad to welcome +EV players of $5+ with a pure reputation and a hot heart.
You have to apply via our site and confirm your results in order to join our pool. To do this, just click on the button below.

By clicking on this link you will receive the first month in our pool for free.

Adding multiple poker-rooms

You can add any amount of poker-rooms that are currently represented in our pool. It’s free, the fee is still based on the highest limit played among all rooms.

We are open to partnerships with organizations.

If you represent a team, a school, or a backing structure, please contact us and we'll provide you with an individual offer.

What else?

Quick calculations. Usually, it takes 3-4 days.

Bilingual Support of our players 16 hours a day, every day.

Active discord community, join and start chatting, ask questions, or discuss hands. The most active discord participants are waiting for surprises.

A server with all the software to work on your game.

The ability to configure which part of the х120 and х240 multipliers goes to the pool.

Our own software, approved by Pokerstars.

In addition, promotions and rases with valuable prizes will be waiting for you.

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Re: Steel Phoenix Spin & Go, HU EV Deal (pool, staking)

applied -LL c()()L J on
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Re: Steel Phoenix Spin & Go, HU EV Deal (pool, staking)

Hello, do you offer staking only after player join pool? Or its possible to get standart deal without join pool ?
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Re: Steel Phoenix Spin & Go, HU EV Deal (pool, staking)

Originally Posted by Silvia.A.B View Post
Hello, do you offer staking only after player join pool? Or its possible to get standart deal without join pool ?
Hi. Yes, the staking option works only for pool members. If you are a professional player of spins, your monthly profit is much more predictable with our pool.
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Re: Steel Phoenix Spin & Go, HU EV Deal (pool, staking)

Hey, folks! We’ve decided to end the self-isolation mode of our blog. For a long time, our pool life didn’t go beyond our cozy Discord but we’ve posted stuff on 2+2 and now we’re going to revitalize this blog as well. We’re going to tell you about future changes and improvements. The old players are going to be pleased with our new promos announcements, the new players are going to enjoy a series of posts about our pool life which will include tips about being in the pool that everyone should know. Also, we’re going to talk a little bit about variance (or maybe not).

As many of you heard and even quite of you experienced, these last 2 months have been pretty remarkable for the poker world as well as the spin community.

Here you can see:
  • EV ROI has increased more than twice
  • Lazy butts have started playing on average 25% more
  • Average buy-in has increased from ~30$ to >40$
  • As a result, total pool’s buy-in has grown to almost $60 million which is at least 65% more than in any month in the last 6 months
  • $EV profit has increased more than 2-3 times. Over these last 2 months Steel Phoenix players have earned MORE THAN 2 MILLION DOLLARS if you count in the rakeback.

Ah, indeed these are the numbers that can warm the soul of every professional player.

Now let’s move on to other things. The most precious things in our pool are our players and the community formed in discord. It’s officially allowed to blame the administration for venality, the Union for corruption and the ****ers from the #flood for being toxic (the latter is actually true).

So we’ve decided to reward those who made a conscious choice not to make a shitload of money in favor of fun and trashy pastime in our #flood channel.

Every English-speaking player is also welcome and even heavily encouraged to flood in the #chatroom.

rating - top 10:

Infe[id] - 38324
letsdanceplz - 29043
4mat1k - 24760
MrHat188 - 23029
MikeShipa - 21656
ScottyraeS - 21275
Stanislaw - 18721
Clifford Sun - 15485
sweetcoqueta - 13607
evacl96 - 13066

And the winner iiiis….Infe[id]. Top - 3 players of this rating will have a fee-free pool till the end of the year. We’ll announce the start of the flooderboard later on and even though the prizes have not been determined yet, those who want to compete should already start preparing for it. We advise you to reduce the amount of games you play and not to spend time working on your game off the tables because it distracts you from competing for the highest rankings in our rating. The battle is going to be fierce and the most slothful will win.

If you think that your merits in flooding were undeservedly forgotten, we invite you to a knife-fight. Let the strongest one win.

Last edited by Bobo Fett; 06-23-2020 at 05:40 AM. Reason: Edited as per poster's request.
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Re: Steel Phoenix Spin & Go, HU EV Deal (pool, staking)

Good news!

Winamax is added to the pool.

All multipliers are in the pool by 100%, excluding top 1, it completely goes to the player. 25% of EV from x1000 on 2€ - 100€ and 25% of EV from x400 on 250€ stake also will be included in the pool.
It increases EV for 250s players by € 1418 for 1k tournaments and for other stakes by 14.18 BI for every 10k game. This is the best offer on the market regarding EV realization.

Available stakes: 2€-250€ regular and Nitro

Stakes 10€ and lower - 20€
25€- 40€
50€ - 65€
100€ - 100€
250€ - 200€
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Afoon 66
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Hobbycraft Survey

You can win a cash prize by completing the Hobbycraft Feedback Survey. Here, I have provided the full guide to finishing the Crafting Your Opinion Survey and get Hobbycraft Sweepstakes to win a prize.
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Re: Steel Phoenix Spin & Go, HU EV Deal (pool, staking)

Hello, everyone. Today I decided to spend an hour of my work time on telling you about our final table.

Typical questions you ask:
  • Why don’t I get my exact EV?
  • Why are there two of them damn tables (in reality thereÂ’s only one)?
  • What kind of data is in this goddamn table?

OK, so let’s get to it. Our final table looks like this:

The first three lines in the header show basic info about the period: the total amount of tournaments played, the total amount of buyins, total pool’s EV, total pool’s profit, average buyin, swing, ROI and evROI and coeff.

Swing is very simple to calculate = Total Profit - TotalEV

Coeff (% ROI) = Swing / TotalBI * 100

The yellow cells contain the euro rate which is fixed right before the pool of the current period is closed (in the morning of 21st). Remember, all calculations in our pool are made in USD, players bear their exchangesÂ’ and transactionsÂ’ costs independently.

OK, so why don’t you get your exact EV won?

It’s pretty simple — each period pool runs over EV or under EV depending on variance.

At this point the best assumption we have as to why the pool runs under EV more often is that the EV formula for Spins doesn’t account for the fluctuations of chips/EV equalizing it for every single tournament regardless of the multiplier.

OK. Why are there two of them damn tables?

This one is very easy. In reality there’s only one final table that’s being published once a month on the morning of the 25th.

The preliminary results table you see in your account on our website IS NOT FINAL as you can tell from the name.

You’re supposed to use the said table to check if your preliminary results are correct and to monitor the status of your hand histories check from current or any other previous period.

We’ve sorted out the common questions regarding our final table, now let’s discuss
what data is included in the table and how to use it.

The first four columns contain the player’s nickname, hand histories’ check status for the current period, stake played and distance played on that stake.
Then we have columns with EVchips (All-in Adj in PT4), ChEV, EV USD won and actual USD profit.
There are separate lines for every stake of every player in the pool.

Total $ column is just a sum of actual USD profit for every stake of a player.
Total $EV however is not always equal to the sum of EV USD because the HH corr column is also included in this calculation.

The number in the HH corr column can appear as a result of your hand histories verification.

The column Final $EV is calculated very easily = TotalBI * coeff \ 100 + EV. For players who use EV deal the coeff is fixed and at this point equals -0.15.

You can get your Final $EV using another columns: Total $EV - corr = Final $EV

You can see the impact of the pool coeff on your personal USD profit in the corr column, or you can calculate it yourself using the formula TotalBI * coeff \ 100. If you want to find out more about why our pool works this way, you can watch a video (in Russian) where the formula is explained in depth .You can always access the video from pinned messages in our #business channel on our discord server.

is the total amount of buyins and evROI% = $EV \ TotalBI. In the Stake column you can see euro stakes, but these stakes are included in the poolÂ’s calculations in their USD equivalent using the fixed exchange rate.

Next we have x100, x200, EVDeal columns. The first two show the % of money won in x100 and x200 multipliers that are included in the pool, and the third one shows if the EV Deal service is active for this player.

Last but not least. As I mentioned earlier, there is only one final table. The data in your account on our website, including the get\send amount, is only preliminary.
The pool fee ( $Pool column) and EV deal fee ( $EV Deal column) ARE NOT included in your account on our website.

The final amount of money to receive or to send can be found in the final table under the get\send column and equals get\send = Final $EV - Total $ - $Pool - $EV Deal.

If the number in the get\send column is negative, the player ran over EV and has to send money out. If the number is positive, it means the player ran under EV and has to get money from the pool.
I hope this article will reduce the amount of strange questions to Support.
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Re: Steel Phoenix Spin & Go, HU EV Deal (pool, staking)

Dear fellow poolies!

Good news from the administration! In accordance with your wishes and demands about adding the long-awaited GGPokerok into the pool, the administration made titanic efforts and as always in the shortest possible period of time DELIVERED once again! The new room will be added to the pool starting 18.09.2020.

The probabilities of multipliers are similar to those on with a 7% rake:

Levels structure:

The reporting period starts on the 18th at 00.00 UTC (02:00 MSK), and ends on 17th 23.59 UTC (01:59 MSK).

Please note that the room is relatively new so we recommend not to keep more than 50 buyins of your highest played limit on your account.

All transfers will be made using payment systems.

Players are responsible for providing audit and hand histories. We will help you with this by providing a specially written plugin for downloading and sending reports.

The fees:
5$ - 11$ (2.2 BI)
10$ - 20$ (2 BI)
20$ - 32$ (1.6 BI)
50$ - 65$ (1.3 BI)

You need to make at least 40.41 chipEV to have 0$ EV at GGPokerok.

All jackpots, except x12000 are included into the pool. The percentage can be chosen from 0% to 100%.

The previous rule applies according to which a player pays only once for all the rooms by the highest declared limit played.

You can discuss GGPokerok in the new dedicated discord channel.

We also want to inform you about adding the $1000 limit on PokerStars to the pool. Adding this limit will be possible starting on 21.09.2020.
The fee will be $500.
The expected volume of games on this limit will affect the variance of the pool within 0.016% EVROI. The current deviation of +/- 0.339% EVROI will become +/- 0.355% EVROI. 26.79 chipEV to have 0$ EV at 1000s.

All these innovations have been agreed and approved by the Players' Union.

New limits have already been added to the calculator
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Re: Steel Phoenix Spin & Go, HU EV Deal (pool, staking)


There was a mistake in the previous post, here is the correct data:

You have to make at least 21.96 chipEV to have 0$ EV at GGPokerok. (NOT 40.41)
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