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Diamond Hyperschool: pool for Spin&Go, HU SNG and staking

Hello everyone!

After 3 years operating on CIS market we introduce some HyperSchool services for 2+2 grinders. It will be useful for Spin&Go and HU SNG regulars, their coaches and stakers.

The pool
Our players pool includes 172 Spin&Go & HU SNG regs with average buy-in 29$. We play 250K+ tournaments monthly. Here everyone get his share of pool prizes proportionally to expected winnings. Thatís significantly reduce variance and allow players to control monthly incomes.

The main principle of the pool: if the playerís profit before the split is less then his profit after split, he receives the difference from another player. In other case he transfers the difference.

Split principle
Expected winnings or just ev(w) means traditional ev before buy-in deduction:

ev(w) = ev + buy-in

In the end of each month we calculate total ev(w) for each player, EV(W) and real winnings W of the whole pool. Players shares in real prizes distributed proportionally to their shares in pool expected prizes:

pool profit = ev(w) / EV(W) * W - buy-ins


Why choose us

Flexible pool settings
For some additional fee, you can play in pool with any % of your action or set up percentage of each particular multiplier involved in pool. You can also set up Alias to hide your real screenname from pool results, so only staff will know who you are.

Staking available
Price starts from 6 BI per month and depends on pool profit. Some of players pay only 7.5%. A player can finish the deal anytime if he has no make-up.

We designed HyperTracker software for tracking and verifying results. That allow members to get pool results live and to avoid sharing PokerStars hand histories. Sharing history is always a risk to be analyzed and exploited by others, especially on high stakes. It also can be used to get big data and tendencies and violates PokerStars T&C. HyperTracker is approved by PokerStars.

To verify hand history player just insert a pokerstars link on a verification tab in HyperTracker. On our side we receive info about tournaments IDís, Net Won, ChipEV. We donít get info about hands, actions, bet-sizings and so on.

Youíll have personal profile on the website to control your services. It contains details about rooms, screennames, stakes, dates, verified results and transactions of all kind.

The server with popular poker software for every pool player for free. SimplePostflop HU&SBB GTO-packs are available for browsing. For extra price, SimplePostflop Cluster is provided to make calculations.

Pool Fees
Pokerstars ó from 1 to 2 buy-ins per month
Winamax ó from 25 Ä to 1 buy-in

Who can apply
We welcome players with clear reputation and strong poker skills, stakes 30$+. A player should be ready to fill in the application form, confirm his poker results and personality.

We are ready to deal with players with perfect results 7$+ and working hard to improve skills. It usually means regularly private coaching or participation in some team.

We consider applications, select the ones which are suitable and approve on which stakes the player can participate in the pool.

The player should confirm rooms, stakes and agree with the rules by email. If something is not clear weíll arrange a call or help you in chat (skype or telegram prefered). Please, keep in mind that we do not offer chat support in general, but you are welcome to ask questions here in this thread or by e-mail

Next period starts on Monday, 26 November. You can join anytime.

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Re: Hyperschool: pool for Spin&Go, HU SNG and staking

In the period from 24 September to 31 December, 2018, connect players to the pool by promo code. Your friend will receive a free pool for a month. You will receive the pool free of charge for 1 month for every friend.
If you want promo code, pm me
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Old 12-11-2018, 11:57 AM   #3
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Re: Hyperschool: pool for Spin&Go, HU SNG and staking

Hello guys! The New Year is coming and we are running a festive buy-ins race for pool players.

The race will be held from December 24 to January 27 in three leagues:
$3 – 7
$10 – $30
$50 – €100

You can participate only in one league at any stakes which are declared in the pool. Participation fee – 2 buy-ins of max stake in the race. All fees go to prize pool.

We add 2019$ to prize pool.

Top 3 players who completed most tournaments in each league are the race winners.
For each league, the prize pool is distributed according to the amount of the winners buy-ins. For more details check the rules

If you are not pool player yet please apply here or via email:

Next pool period starts on 17 December, hurry up to join
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Old 12-14-2018, 03:49 AM   #4
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Re: Hyperschool: pool for Spin&Go, HU SNG and staking


We suppose our pool would be useful for any Spin&Go coaching/staking groups, who interested to reduce variance of their players.

Moreover, partnership with HyperSchool allows teams to save much time & expenses on plenty of development/design/finance stuff we make each day. That's great opportunity to keep focused on coaching and players management all the road.

Since we providing results on-line, you always know how things are going on your team members and clients. That gives opportunity to move players by stakes right time without loosing EV.

Here is general info about our pool:
Pool all-time statistics available here:

Just PM us here or skype directly head of HS theeinsein4 to get in touch and any details.
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Re: Hyperschool: pool for Spin&Go, HU SNG and staking

would definitely recommend this for anyone looking to reduce their swings in spins / hypers, good support and everything is handled professionally and in a timely manner
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Re: Hyperschool: pool for Spin&Go, HU SNG and staking

Thanks for reply, d0zer!

We made mistake in skype of our head. The right is theeinstein4
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