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Staking - Offering Stakes Looking for a stake? Check this forum first!

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Bobo Fett
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░▒▓██▓▒░ Offering Stakes subforum RULES (MUST READ)(CAN'T START A THREAD?- READ THIS!!)░▒▓██▓▒░

***Neither, its moderators, nor the moderators of this forum take responsibility for transactions in these forums. does not endorse any poster and all purchases are made at your own risk.***

Welcome to the Offering Stakes subforum of the Marketplace.
It is necessary that you read the "Marketplace Rules" as they apply here as well.

Do you see a thread that needs attention? You've sold out, bought all you need, got a stake, or for some other reason need to have your thread marked **CLOSED** or **SOLD**? Made a mistake or changed your mind about something and need your title and/or post changed? See someone trolling? Scam in progress? Something else that needs our attention? Reporting the relevant post is much more effective than PMing a couple mods, because all mods of these forums are notified. When in doubt, !

Starting Threads

The Staking - Offering Shares forum is a paid forum. Pricing for threads in this forum will be as follows:

1 month - $150
3 months - $400
6 months - $600
12 months - $1,000

Payment can be sent by Paypal to, or you can PM or email me (address in my profile) about paying by check or bank wire.

Full commercial site names, links, etc., are now permitted. Anyone with a paid thread will be able to have a "See my staking forum thread" undertitle for up to 3 members of their staking group.

There is a "containment" thread in this forum for individuals who are offering stakes which will allow the non-commercial stakers the opportunity to still have a free listing:

Staking Forum Rules

1) All staking offers on 2+2 belong in this forum.

2) All stake requests must be accompanied by your poker site screen name(s) in each post you seek a stake.
And yes, this includes simple "PM Sent" posts as well

3) No begging.

4) No account sharing. Your buddy must make his own account.

5) Do NOT send backers unsolicted PMs for stakes. In other words, if they didn't specifically request you contact them directly by PM, do not do so. [Backers: You are free to allow this if you like, however if you do you lose the benefit of having a scammer's screen name spotted by other members. Please consider specifying that "interested stakees must respond in the thread only."]

6) Thread Bumping: You may bump your thread “a few” times, but only if it’s fallen off of the first page. Responding to inquiries within the thread is fine, but please do so judiciously in fairness to others who would like their threads seen as well.

Good luck!

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because i can
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Re: NEW Staking subforum rules (MUST READ)

This is the PM you will see from me with your 20 point infraction if you do not include your screennames in your post.

2) All stake requests must be accompanied by your poker site screen name(s) in each post you seek a stake. And yes, this includes simple "PM Sent" posts as well. - NEW!
"Email sent" "PM sent" replies will be infracted and deleted. YOU MUST POST YOUR SCREENNAMES IN YOUR REPLY. This rule applies even if you post links to your results, you still must include your screennames in the body of your thread/post.

If you don't read the rules and post in several threads without screennames you may receive multiple infractions.
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