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UPDATE:  Support Forum - Please Read UPDATE:  Support Forum - Please Read
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UPDATE: Support Forum - Please Read

05-07-2015 , 08:51 PM
Over the next few weeks we'll be transitioning forum type support from 2p2 to

This was a decision we made after determining that with all of the social media outlets available to players, centralizing our support communications in one place was the most effective and efficient model for the greatest number of of our players.

For the last 1.5 or so years we've been providing general support mainly here but it has become obvious to us that players consume information from a variety of different sources and that rather than trying to be everywhere it makes more sense to be in the place where the greatest number of players were familiar with our brand.

Your ability to engage about WSOP is not hindered on 2p2 but we will be mostly focusing on supporting players/issues raised on the new forum site. If you have specific questions, concerns, or comments about that you would like addressed, please direct them to the new forums at: