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Tell the Forum About Racism You Have Experienced Tell the Forum About Racism You Have Experienced

07-17-2014 , 02:57 PM
Has anyone considered the possibly why a racist would find a reason to post in this thread?
07-17-2014 , 02:59 PM
versus any other thread?

because it has the word "race" directly in the thread title, essentially

much like your least favorite thread ever, which has allusions to the racial content contained within, i assume. I never really open that thread tho, tbh
07-17-2014 , 06:28 PM
I told that story bec I like telling stories and it was the only thing I had at hand about experiencing racism except for being denigrated for being Jewish by some idiot at the poker table (one of the very, very few times in my life) who eventually got perma'd from the room. Other than that women nobody had ever called me racist before and it was more 'lol?' than anything else.

Here's another story which I think is funny, I don't care if it fits in here or not:

We had a building that was the only occupied building in a 3 block area and we just couldn't make a go of it. Our reputation was based on never abandoning a building so we wanted to find somebody that we felt comfortable would maintain services. Somebody recommended a Puerto Rican fellow and we gave him the deed for nothing but had him sign a deed back to us in case he didn't work out. We called over the tenant's association to meet him and they were highly skeptical judging by their questions and expressions.

Well, it turned out that he didn't maintain services and we filed our deed and BEGGED a Hasidic Jew (black hat, long coat and all) landlord we knew to take the building and had the Association meet him in our office.

I could see the satisfaction on their faces and one of them proclaimed: 'Now THAT'S a landlord!' Everything worked out ok w/ him.

07-19-2014 , 03:11 AM
Originally Posted by Silver_Man2
Power yoga/pilates/cardio class
Its like peeling an onion with you.

Originally Posted by Trolly McTrollson
My mother used to have a job that once involved her driving down South with a black co-worker. He had to sleep in the car because all the motels would refuse him. It's easy to forget sometimes that we're only a generation or two removed from straight-up Jim Crow in this country.
A black man and white woman driving around the Jim Crow south? They're lucky thats all that happened to them.

My own experiences are pretty limited. If youre white and find yourself around other white people, particularly drunk ones, youre probably going to hear some racist ****. I nearly got in a fight with a friend over something he said when we were drunk. Someone else restrained me. But someone just making a racist comment is hardly noteworthy.

Probably the most interesting experience I had was when I went home with a girl after a very long and crazy night. Walked into her bedroom and saw this on the wall.
I audibly said "wtf?" And she responded slightly embarrassed "oh thats my dads stuff. This led to more wtf-ing from me, because the girl in question was Asian. Weird night.
07-19-2014 , 03:22 AM

Do go on
07-19-2014 , 03:30 AM
The Grand Dragon.
07-19-2014 , 03:34 AM
Also, is that a candle or vibrator?

Also, pics of girl?
07-19-2014 , 12:41 PM
Damn, that picture was supposed to be in spoiler tags. To tell the whole story.

I went out of town with one of my best friends and a friend of hers to see Flogging Molly. I don't listen to them, but they put on a very good live show. After the show we went to the bar that is sort of attached to the venue. She was busy talking to some of the band members, I was sitting at a two top by myself. A girl is sitting by herself at the one next to me and asked me to join her. I do, we start drinking and chatting. Apparently she came her with someone but he ditched. It might of been an ex, wasn't really clear. At that point if she had looked into my eyes she could probably see "777" because I was thinking "jackpot!"

As the bar is winding down around 2 she asks me if I want to go to waffle house or ihop or whatever. At that point I'm at a crossroads. My phone is almost dead, and I know my friends are wanting to go do their thing. So if I say yes I don't know how I'm getting back to the hotel. But I say to myself "you only #yolo once" and say to her "sure!". I tell my friends I'll catch up to them later and turn my phone off so I can use it for emergencies. We go outside to wait for a cab, make out a bit before my friend's friend interrupts.

Once we get in the cab things go from good to weird. She says "Do you want to go to a club I used to work at instead? I'll make you a BLT at my house later to make up for missing waffle house." I respond "ooookay." while thinking to myself 'is this some kind of scam to get guys to the strip club? Because if so, pretty elaborate.'

We arrive, she knows everyone that works there. Things are pretty cool, just drinking/making out/checking out the scenery. It's not what I'd call a classy strip club. Not by a long shot. Apparently she went under the stage name "Geisha" when she worked there. After a while she hands me her debit card and asks me to go across the street and get $50 out. Idk why she trusted me with her PIN but whatever. I do so and come back, she says she wants to use that to buy me a lap dance. Cool. We go in the back room and she grinds/twerks on my while some chick with gigantic fake tits shoves them in my face. It was a pretty good 5 minutes, but I wouldn't have paid for it myself tbh.

A little later we leave and take the same cab back to her house. On the way she asks the cab driver to stop at some guys house to buy weed, but he wasnt home or didn't want to answer the door at 430am. It was a long ride and ended at a gated community. She'd forgotten the code to open the gate so we had to walk through some woods to get to the house. She'd also forgotten her keys, so we had to try all the doors and windows until a door was unlocked. A couch was in front of it so I had to show off my manly strength moving it. She shows me the bedroom, where I see it. She leaves to make the BLTs and I take the picture because no one is going to believe me otherwise.

At this point I'm faced with a dilemma. I'm very uncomfortable, but I'm also about 30 minutes outside of town with a phone with no reception (****ing cricket before AT&T bought them). Also, it's 5am and I'm pretty drunk. I didn't see any other option than staying. The next say I managed to get a hold of my friends and get a ride. I was 1.5 hours late to work.

Here's a pic I got from her fb, I didn't take any pictures other than the one because I was preserving my battery.

07-19-2014 , 12:49 PM
Pretty clear she was squatting and those folks that weren't her parents were out of town.
07-19-2014 , 12:56 PM
Originally Posted by Low Key
Pretty clear she was squatting and those folks that weren't her parents were out of town.
It's possible. There were family pictures around and stuff that made it seem like it was hers. Like pictures of her and her kid. She went into some detail about her dad too, saying he married one of her former coworkers (lol).
07-19-2014 , 03:09 PM
Didn't witness this but the guy who told me this story has no motivation to lie about it. My brother in law and his friend were leaving a building, like 20 feet away there's a white woman with a kid in one arm, pushing a stroller with another kid in it with the other arm walking towards the door, my brother in laws friend does the gentlemanly thing and is holding the door open for her. When she gets close to the door he just shuts it and walks away. My brother in law asks what was that about? His friend replies"When she got close I saw her kids were half breeds, I'm not holding the door for that pig."
07-19-2014 , 03:14 PM
Well with an attitude like that, it's no wonder women don't come back!
07-19-2014 , 05:40 PM
Originally Posted by Bill Haywood
Still not even one story about being treated poorly for being white?
People can experience racism in a way that benefits them, via benefits of being White. But too many people look towards people being treated bad as a sign of racism instead of how they benefit from those people being treated bad, or, simply, how it is racist that they are not treated as bad. Not surprising anyone's brought those experiences to the table.

So yeah, I've experienced racism quite a my favor. When I got caught with weed, I was let go and not detained on the side of the road and taken to the station for processing. yay.

An interesting question to ask Whites is, how would you positively benefit from ending racism?

07-19-2014 , 05:52 PM
Excellent key to add to the discussion chord.
07-19-2014 , 06:13 PM
Everything I am and everything I hope to be, I owe to white privilege.
07-19-2014 , 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by kioshk
Everything I am and everything I hope to be, I owe to white privilege.
Such as what?

07-19-2014 , 06:30 PM
White male privilege.
07-19-2014 , 06:55 PM
Originally Posted by spanktehbadwookie
Excellent key to add to the discussion chord.
Seems like note is more striking here than key.
07-19-2014 , 07:05 PM
Originally Posted by DudeImBetter
White male privilege.
I'm so privileged I take being male for granted. That's pretty darned privileged.
07-29-2014 , 02:44 PM
ask a simple question and poof! the thread ends.


07-29-2014 , 03:05 PM
Was it a serious question? Like, you honestly don't know?
07-29-2014 , 04:24 PM
Look at the title of the thread. (was it a serious topic?) It isn't specific to only negative experiences, but, lo and behold, that's all anyone posted. But god forbid one asks about positive benefits/experiences and <crickets>.

It isn't random that a question like that goes unanswered, save for some superficial crap, in fact, it's pretty consistent. All these colorful descriptions of people getting screwed, but hardly a tale about benefiting. Nope..shhhh. Now all of a sudden it's just a given that people know...even though there's not a peep about it.

But yeah, feel free to try and answer how Whites would benefit from ending racism.
It's actually a key barrier to overcome in working towards equality...yet many(Whites) consistently don't want to address it.

07-29-2014 , 05:34 PM
well, a greater number of whites would benefit from greater racial equality, according to the NPR piece I heard today. Something about how the economy is propped up by micro-transactions and small businesses account for so much of the available jobs in the country. I'm not doing the explanation justice, but it was a really good piece. And a rising tide lifts all boats and all that rot.

its not out until tomorrow here, but it's John Hope Bryant: How the Poor Can Save Capitalism

Notably, ending racist policies helped Cadillac stay in business
07-29-2014 , 06:03 PM
see. It's not as easy to articulate as some think.

07-30-2014 , 05:31 PM
well, i missed the full broadcast but it's available now, so give it a listen

also, i was about 30 minutes from passing out at that point in a bout of extreme insomnia