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Politics version 7.0 more politics.

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Previous forum rules for politics v7.0

The forum's previous set of rules (see link at bottom of this post for link to the forum's current set of rules):

Welcome to Pv7.0. This forum is for discussion and argument about political topics. It is no longer unchained and is now a moderated forum aimed at encouraging and welcoming all 2+2ers from across the political spectrum to participate equally.

1. All normal site wide rules apply.

2. The forum will have a PC bias. This isn't censorship of ideas. It means posters making an effort to avoid offence to vulnerable groups. Some very extreme topics won't be allowed but in general if there's some political merit to the topic then it's welcome in this forum. What is or isn't PC will change with time - discussion about it will be welcome.

3) Political content threads will be moderated to keep them on topic and focused on the arguments/issues. Attacking the arguer, trolling, rehashing previous issues/fights, ganging up on posters etc will not be allowed. A limited amount of pertinent argy-bargy will be let go as part and parcel of any political discussion but must quickly move on.

4) There will be some low content PU style thread for everyone to trade insults, attack bad posting etc in the traditional manner. All posters in P, Pv7.0 and other political areas of 2+2 will be deemed fair game unless they opt out. That includes the PU moderators who cannot opt out. There may be some moderation to prevent multiple LC threads covering very similar ground.

5) Moderation will be impartial and aimed at keeping the forum welcoming and functioning. 2+2 regulars will not have to be overly concerned about getting temp bans from the rest of their 2+2 activities if they get carried away here. To that end there will be plenty of guidance and then offenders will receive time outs from threads or from Pv7.0. Apart from site rules violations it will only be flagrant disregard of time outs that result in bans. Time outs lengths will increase in length and scope for repeat offenders but they will not be subject to any extra rules or restrictions when the time outs end. New users, especially ones that look like gimmicks or banned posters, will be treated differently. If the content is unwelcome then are likely to be quickly banned

6) There is a moderation thread to discuss moderation issues for Pv7.0, please keep such discussion there. Posts unrelated to the moderation will be moved or deleted as appropriate. This is a Content thread but will be treated as an old style !!! thread for posts that are specifically about the moderation.

7) Citations. If posters make a claim without a citation in a Content thread and are then challenged by other posters then the initial post will not be deleted but the claim should not be repeated or defended without a credible source being provided. Where it's a nonPC claim then the initial post must, as a minimum, be accompanied with an appropriately credible or politically significant source from the beginning - this applies to all threads.
  • Tweets, videos, links, pictures etc are generally welcome in the Content threads when relevant but please avoid using them excessively or repetitively. Posters should not usually have to follow links or watch videos to have some idea of the contents or reason for the post so please provide some argument or explanation. Posts that fall outside this guideline may be deleted without consideration of the content.
  • Do not, in any thread, bring up other posters family as a way to insult, attack, troll or annoy them.
  • Try to avoid anything that can seem like a threat of violence.
  • Direct links to non-reputable non-PC websites are not allowed.
  • Betting. The mods of this forum will not arbitrate on bets, or enforce them, unless we've agreed to do so with all the involved parties in advance. Individuals are free to do what they like as long as any disputes are confined to !!! threads or threads specifically about bets.


Here is the link to the forum's current set of rules:

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