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Re: Empowering Players at Americas Cardroom

Originally Posted by Kidman411 View Post
Obviously the company’s culture is poor. I think their employees, particularly in the marketing department, fundamentally misunderstand the client base & give themselves too much credit. There seems to be a real issue concerning lack of aptitude & understanding of standard business practices. Not sure where they’re getting talent from or how much they’re paying. Given the scope of problems & recent publicity it would seem logical to bring in some fresh perspectives.

More importantly, the tone gets set from the top down. As shown in Phil Nagy’s vid from a year ago they have low standards for themselves. When there is no one to compete against it’s easy to be #1 & develop an inflated ego.
I wholeheartedly believe WPN's view towards its customers was summed up in 2016 when Phil Nagy said something to the effect of "I may not be the best looking person at the bar, but I'm the only one talking to you." They know the US player base has so few options that there is no other viable option for a lot of players.

I can't get the volume I want on Ignition and I rely heavily on my hud to analyze my game and other regs so I'm just left to gripe on the forums. WPN knows that most players are like this and that's why they take cheating as seriously as a whoops cushion.

Dan Blizetian gets the hammer, but Eastern European bots and collusion rings can operate with impunity.
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Re: Empowering Players at Americas Cardroom

Originally Posted by z00ted View Post
Address this post to ACR's CEO, please.
At what time is the twitch stream being held and what URL can I visit to watch it?

1) Captcha targeting being wielded by the playerbase is a step in the correct direction.....

Originally Posted by WPN_REP View Post
Hello, I will address it. Thank you for the comment.
Did Phillip giggle when he read it?
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