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ACR Sportsbook question

I've got a simple question and I can't seem to get a straight answer from support. Actually, I've gotten four different answers from five different agents.

Is the Dota 2 over/under determined by kills or match time? (sportsbook)

Response 1 Mac V
“To answer you question we when and took a look at a line from Dota 2, and these is no option for over/under. There for disregard that.”

Response 2 from Eric
“Regarding your concern please note that there are no over/under for Dota 2 only straight bets. (See attachment)”
*attached was a zoomed in picture only showing the spread bet, not showing the second column with over/under bets.

Response 3 from Brad A
“…we offer a comprehensive bet system that displays the options you can bet on regardless if is over/under, spread or money line. Do note that this means that some games might not have all bet options available meaning that some will have Money line and others will have over and under and as well you can bet on individual games…”

Response 4 from Mary Lou
“Please be informed the the over and under line on the DOTA2 is actually on the game time.”

Response 5 from Dave D
“The bet is graded based on how many wins the player gets in the same map.”

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