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9432 Badugi 9432 Badugi

11-19-2023 , 02:28 AM
8-16 limit mix. This is my first time playing Badugi.

Hero in co with a 9432 badugi

Pre: utg limps, HJ raises, hero 3b. Bb utg HJ call. 4 ways

They draw 2, 2, 1

Checks to hero who bets and all call

They draw 1, 1, pat

Checks to hero who bets and all call

They draw 1, 1, pat. Checks to hero.

Is this an obvious bet? What’s the worst hand I should bet here?
9432 Badugi Quote
11-19-2023 , 04:41 PM
Am I reading it right that HJ check called the first draw and then pat in front of you? If so you played well and should bet. If he has you beat he has played simply awful (though I will not be surprised if that's the case).

More generally, the decision to bet a dealt pat on the river multiway is a bit complex. Your low stakes opponents make 2 errors that make you want to be a little more nitty in this spot: 1) they don't lead thin hands that beat you, they check call them. 2) they don't bluff catch with good tris
I would still probably bet any ten and know I'm gonna get nit rolled some.
9432 Badugi Quote
11-20-2023 , 04:00 AM
What would be the worst hand in this position you’d 3b pre draw and pat?
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