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Draw and Other Poker Discussion of poker games not covered elsewhere (e.g. badugi, draw, triple-draw, pineapple)

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Pot Limit 2-7TD Hypothetical

Trying to study this game in advance of the WSOP dealer's choice. I concocted a hypothetical spot to consider:

Early stages, deepstacked
Predraw: I raise 3x from CO with K8642, bb calls
1st draw: 2/1
Flop: bb checks, I bet half pot after catching a brick, bb calls
2nd draw: 1/1
Turn: bb checks, I check it back again unimproved
3rd draw: 1/1
River: bb leads pot, what should Hero do with various cards we catch?

I'm thinking on an 8 we can minraise as a bluff. We certainly call with all 8s. What else do we call with?

And also thoughts on bet sizing when betting with the betting/drawing lead. I figure half pot seems a good guess but I have no sense for it. And thoughts on check back turn? I know this is a spot you can do a mixed strategy in FL 2-7TD, how do you decide here? Is it better to bet since you have more fold equity? How often do we expect bb to lead turn when he improves to pat?
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