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Draw and Other Poker Discussion of poker games not covered elsewhere (e.g. badugi, draw, triple-draw, pineapple)

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Re: Drawmaha - best game ever?

in our home game we have been playing dramaha for 5-6 years now. Recently we have created different ways of playing it. Dramaha high/low Dramaha 2/3 this has a low hand, draw hand and board hand. To win the post you must win 2/3 outright! I think in all total we have created about 15 games based on the dramaha concept. We play it $2-$20 limit game.
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Re: Drawmaha - best game ever?

We call this game sviten special, and nearly always play it pot limit in our home game. We did try a limit version with 3 draws and that was fun but we never went back to that.

Can I check a rule from Drawmaha? If you draw only one card, do you simply take the next card face down and that's it? The ability to take one card face up and reject it if you don't like it is a popular feature in sviten special.
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Re: Drawmaha - best game ever?

There are different ways of playing it.

The way it gets played in my home game, we play pot limit and draw immediately before the betting on the flop. We also burn for the draw. But it works well as a limit game too.

So... Burn... Flop... Burn... How Many?... Betting... rest of hand is normal 5 card omaha and split pot showdown

Based on Sviten I renamed it to Swedish. Honestly it's probably a great game regardless of how you do it.

The way we play it, you either make your expected freeroll on the flop or you dump (with exceptions if your omaha hand is huge). When you have to draw after the flop betting, it narrows down what you go to the turn with more, so I think that makes less flop action but the turn action will increase.
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Re: Drawmaha - best game ever?

Drawmaha is now a staple in west coast cash mix games with most players favoring the 2-7 version. Standard rules are 1 draw after flop betting.

If you’re interested in trying it, check out the low limit (usually 4/8, sometimes 6/12 or 9/18) mix games in Vegas. Lately it’s been running fairly frequently at Aria, and sometimes at Bellagio or Wynn too. Info/coordination can be found at

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Re: Drawmaha - best game ever?

any place in LA playing it yet?
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