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Draw and Other Poker Discussion of poker games not covered elsewhere (e.g. badugi, draw, triple-draw, pineapple)

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2-7 couple of predraw questions

6 Handed game

1) 3-4-8 UTG (raise/fold)

2)Button raises, SB 3-bets, I have 2-5-6-x-x in the big blind. Easy call?

3)I have 2-3-7-8-K in the hijack. I raise both blinds call. Do we always draw one to the 2-3-7-8? In this case it went 2:3 in front of us so drawing one seems best. What if the small blind 3 bet and the big blind cold called, and it went 1:2. Here we would draw two?
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Re: 2-7 couple of predraw questions

1) Fold

2) What is SB 3b with? If they 3b isolate two card draws, easy call. If button tight and SB only 3b one card draws it's closer, but still call.

3) If SB draws 1 it's more likely they are drawing rough, so I'd draw one as you may have the best draw here.
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Re: 2-7 couple of predraw questions

Pre-Draw range for bonuswh0res

UTG: Any 2card draw to 7low without a 6 in it like 237, 257, 234, 245 etc. All 1card draws to nr5 or better (nr5 23458, nr4 24567, nr3 23567 etc) like 2347, 3458 <--- the only UTG hand without a 2 in it that is playable. 2765x and 2456x is the borderline, play them depending on table.

MP: same as UTG but a hand like 23338 could look tempting but Gus Hansen would play that so no one is blaming you. Avoid hands like 348xx at all cost. Avoid 3457x !!! even if the remaining players pre-draw are idiots, u get called by two players = drawing almost dead.

CO: 27xxx or better. Still, avoid 348xx etc at all cost depending on what players that are sitting by the blinds. 1card draws like 8673x works fine here. 4568x is good depending on the blinds or if dealer is the kind that 3bets 2card draws to isolate you then u can easily bluff if you miss first two draws depending on what villain hit.

dealer: 387xx, 337xx is good

small blind: only hands to go bazooka with, avoid 276xx if CO raises depending on who CO is maybe even 3card draws like 27xxx and only 27xxx works fine. This is also the only position where it is allowed to open-limp, hands like 37xxx or 335xx is good to limp in a unopened pot. Don't limp 2xxxx even if others limped before, if UTG, mp, co and dealer limps then maybe 2xxxx is limpable.
Don't think that 22999 is a good hand here, it will rain bad luck on you if you play that.

big blind: call down with 3card draw 23xxx or 27xxx

If table has more than 45%vpip then put in as much bets there is possible with 27xxx or better (I once won 45,5bb at 2/4 without my own bets counted)

Remember: There is always an exception for the exception. Also put in thought that this is a bonuswh0re game, it is almost impossible to calculate your equity if it is over 50% or not even with a hand like 2347x it is hard.

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Re: 2-7 couple of predraw questions

great info thanks guys
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