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Wrestling It's still real to me!!!!

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Re: **WWE Raw/Smackdown Viewing Thread**


(Iím pretty sure I didnít just imagine that.)
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Re: **WWE Raw/Smackdown Viewing Thread**

From Reddit

"With no answer coming forward for why Lacy keeps doing her entrance I have come up with a theory to explain why.

Lacy Evans is a ghost. Maybe she died while making her entrance in a pioneering wrestling promotion in the 50s, maybe a lighting rig fell on her before she could step into the ring.

Having not completed that entrance, for what ever reason, Lacy has regrets, and cannot move on. Ever since she has been stuck in limbo, repeating her entrance over and over, searching for an opponent. However no one is able to fight her because real people cannot fight ghosts.

No one, except the dead man, the Undertaker. With the Undertaker having no set match for this Mania this is a golden opportunity to finally give Lacy the match she's been looking for for over 60 years. Now is the time to let her poor soul move on, by going over the phenom on the grandest stage of them all.

Lacy Evens needs to fight the Undertaker at Mania."
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