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05-04-2024 , 06:26 AM
Matt Hardy strongly dislikes mustard
05-04-2024 , 06:43 AM
I still have no idea how Rikishi did his back flip axle bump to a clothesline. Ridiculous athleticism for a 350 low centre of gravity pounder
05-04-2024 , 06:56 AM
Is Undertaker vs Brock vs Batista vs Kane the GOAT final four in Royal Rumble history? 2003 was a spectacle for sure!
05-04-2024 , 07:46 AM
Been intermittently watching through the weekly WWF shows from 1990. It appears that Jesse Ventura's moment of disappearance was the August 25, 1990 show. Piper scoots in as the new commentator. The end of Jesse on commentary was truly unfortunate; we would never again hear top-tier heel commentary that wasn't primarily comedic.
05-04-2024 , 08:05 AM
The notion of Rick Rude winning the WWF Title at SummerSlam '90 never felt remotely credible to me, and it still just plays to me as a cold program watching it back. There was kayfabe sense to it given WrestleMania V and all, but I just don't think it worked at all.
05-09-2024 , 04:41 PM
Going back to the card where Hogan won the belt at the Garden in January of '84, I'm starting to recognize the WWF I began watching around that time.

Just before that match, Orndorff and Piper make their WWF debut, the latter as the manager of Orndorff and also David Schultz, who wasn't on the show. I don't recall Piper being brought in as a manager and wonder why he would agree to something like that (well, obviously money...and it wouldn't last long).

I remember Hogan's re-entrance into the Fed a few weeks earlier. Although I didn't know he'd been there a few years earlier. Bob Backlund was facing one of the Samoan's and went to the back for help. He came out with Hogan, who I'd known only from some of the magazines. Unfortunately, this footage doesn't appear to be available on the Peacock, but Backlund gave an interview following, referencing Hogan's previous stint and asserting that he was a changed man from when Blassie managed him.

Blassie now managed the Shiek, ironically. For some reason, I had incorrectly remembered this as a really quick squash match. It was quick and was somewhat of a squash, just not as quick as I thought I remembered and the Shiek did get some offense in. They also did this weird post-match thing where people were in the ring checking on a supposedly injured Shiek, which made Hogan's in ring celebration a bit odd until Shiek just popped up and went after Hogan again, who threw him out of the ring.

Hogan also celebrated with his parents backstage, who looked like normal sized people. Where the hell did those genetics come from?
05-09-2024 , 05:01 PM
Originally Posted by OneOut
Where the hell did those genetics come from?
Vitamins and prayers IIRC.
05-11-2024 , 01:46 AM
Jan 84 Mid Atlantic - Angelo Mosca calls his alliance with his son the Bloodline.
06-08-2024 , 08:14 PM
Finally got around to watching the Iron Claw. Felt a bit surreal, as I'm currently going through the period from the first half of the movie on the network right now. I think David died in the last episode I watched early 84.

I think they screwed around with some of the timeline stuff. I remember recently watching the Kevin/Race match, just before Flair won the belt at Starrcade '83. I remember David's promo after the match. And neither Kerry, nor the Freebirds have even been mentioned in the movie yet, but this was towards the end of the Von Erich/Freebird feud. It was Mike, not Kerry that started in early '84.

Kevin delivered the filth vs decency line in real life, not David. I love how Buddy wore the headgear, but it wasn't explained why (Freebird hair cream!)

And David didn't say that Kevin was going to beat Race in real life. He said he was next.

I didn't think Kerry lost that much of his leg in the accident. They did say "inspired" by a true story though. Not even "based".

Great casting: Fritz, Harley Race,

Awful casting: Flair (shoulda gotten Jay Lethal)

I'm wondering if part of the reason they couldn't have Chris in the movie is because his whole story was that he was the runt and they already had a shorter cast. The size thing didn't throw me off as much as I thought it might because there was very littlie in ring activity.
06-16-2024 , 03:13 PM
A&E tonight:

8 PM Biography: WWE Lengends
9 PM Biography: Bret Michaels
11 PM WWE Rivals

I legit thought the 9pm thing was about Bret and Shawn for a minute.
06-16-2024 , 08:02 PM
Originally Posted by OneOut
I'm wondering if part of the reason they couldn't have Chris in the movie is because his whole story was that he was the runt and they already had a shorter cast. The size thing didn't throw me off as much as I thought it might because there was very littlie in ring activity.
Director said they blended Chris and Mike because it otherwise just was too repetitive and bleak.
Yesterday , 03:57 PM
I've only become more disappointing reading all of Kevin's comments. While I liked the casting, it's really disappointing that they seemed to have misportrayed Fritz and didn't even ask any of the surviving family for input.

Fritz discovered Kerry, not Kevin and Fritz sold to Jarrett against Kevin's wishes, not the other way around, but I guess they wanted a strong heel character throughout.