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Yesterday , 08:02 PM
Bossman swinging by his ****ing neck **WWE NETWORK THREAD**
Yesterday , 08:23 PM
They made that look super gruesome and I didn't fully understand how they did the stunt so believably. And then Michael Cole spammed "COULD IT BE SYMBOLIC? COULD IT BE SYMBOLIC? LIKE HE'S HANGING THE CORPORATION?! YES, I BELIEVE THAT'S SYMBOLIC!" before segueing into, "So, WrestleMania party was last night..."
Yesterday , 11:50 PM
Day after SummerSlam 2000: HHH starts with an opening promo (because ofc), Angle comes out and HHH accuses him of wanting Stephanie and that's why he took her to the back at the end of the show. Kurt innocently says, "I can't lie! I'M A GOLD MEDALIST!". Kurt was amazing.