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Viceland's 'Dark Side of the Ring' - 6-part series Viceland's 'Dark Side of the Ring' - 6-part series
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Viceland's 'Dark Side of the Ring' - 6-part series

09-07-2021 , 05:33 AM
Aww man watching the Chris Benoit episodes and wow, what a great watch

Real emotional stuff when Eddie dies
09-16-2021 , 10:30 PM
Plane ride from hell is pretty wow
09-16-2021 , 11:53 PM
Holy ****, this ep is insane.
09-17-2021 , 04:00 PM
Lol, Tommy Dreamer already "suspended indefinitely" from Impact for his comments.
09-17-2021 , 04:40 PM
Dreamer also kicked off of Busted Open Radio.
09-17-2021 , 11:49 PM
For those that haven't seen it, Vice TV put the whole thing up on Youtube.

09-17-2021 , 11:55 PM
Does Tommy Dreamer have some sort of family connection in the industry that I don't know about? It's never made sense that he lasted even one year in the industry, let alone the 25 or so that he's now been around for. Just completely and utterly talentless. At least with Sandman it was understandable how he got over with zero talent, since he was gifted a gimmick that appeals to the lowest common denominator and that was particularly well-suited to ECW. But Dreamer was just...the white meat babyface without any personality or charisma or anything but an average look, and who also couldn't work in the ring worth a damn?

One of the more puzzling careers I can remember.
09-20-2021 , 03:56 PM
Not only all of that, but Dreamer has been so beloved by the fans (and even people in the industry from what I have read or heard) that he's probably the only guy since Ricky Steamboat who was never a heel in his entire career.

Having not seen this yet, I'm shocked that Dreamer would have said something worthy of being fired. Something dumb he should apologize for, fine. Something malicious and offensive enough to lose his!

I'm also starting to wonder if this is the beginning of the end of the show. If they did something that takes down Dreamer and Flair, who's going to want to give them candid interviews now? They might be next.
09-20-2021 , 04:11 PM
I was going to add Rey Mysterio to that short list, but it looks like he had a heel turn for a time late in WCW's existence. I'm sure that was something.
09-20-2021 , 04:54 PM
I didn't listen to his podcast but apparently Cornette said some things that were in defense of Flair. Here if interested:
09-20-2021 , 06:30 PM
Brian, Jim's co-host, generally makes a lot of sense and will try to reign Jim in when his views or statements start trending more politically incorrect, though it's generally an extremely liberally leaning show in most respects.
09-20-2021 , 06:58 PM
“There has to be something said for intent.” - Jim

This was addressed at the end of the doc. The attendant herself said that she did not believe Flair was trying to rape her. That’s the whole point she was trying to get across. No, a lot of these guys did not intend harm with their antics, but they’ve still left a lot of wreckage in their wake.

This is something that Dreamer, a father and a husband, should be sympathetic to in 2021. Victims should be allowed to voice their discomfort regardless of the perpetrator’s intent.
09-20-2021 , 07:19 PM
Considering this is a man who once "shoot" attacked Bischoff in the locker room with working punches, she probably just had to slap him, he would have Flair flopped, gigged and that woulda been the end of it.
09-24-2021 , 12:02 AM
Kanyon is a rough ep, but a really good one.

I loved the Glacier/Mortis stuff as a kid, tuned out of wrestling before his WWE run. I know they were going rougher at the time, but that chair shot was pretty ****ed up.
09-24-2021 , 12:30 AM
Rey Mysterio sucks ass and the 619 is the worst finisher ever not counting the worm
09-24-2021 , 07:38 AM
The Garvin Stomp would like a word.

Was the worm a finisher? I thought it was just an extremely annoying signature move.
09-24-2021 , 05:08 PM
10-01-2021 , 02:14 AM
Onita FMW ep was quite enjoyable. Simply solid storytelling.
10-15-2021 , 03:02 PM
The last two were great episodes detailing two people I knew very little about. Biker gang stuff was wild. Luna Vachon really got a raw deal from Vince & co.
10-15-2021 , 09:20 PM
Oh ****, I didn't even realize that next week is XPW.
10-22-2021 , 01:59 AM
Yep. That was insane.
10-22-2021 , 10:16 PM
I saw the Grizzly Smith episode recently.

That was a tough watch.