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11-24-2021 , 09:50 PM
Originally Posted by .isolated The AEW Thread
MJF got the best there. Promo had some **** material. Some good stuff too but lol at the bad
I meant to say "Punk has some **** material", not "promo"

Stream died so I'm out.
11-24-2021 , 10:05 PM
Rosa v Hayter has been great so far. Brutal stuff.
11-24-2021 , 10:12 PM
Sick finish. Up next: Brian Danielson murders Colt Cabana
11-24-2021 , 10:25 PM
He knocked his ****ing tooth out, lol.
11-24-2021 , 10:59 PM
Holy ****, this main event. Even Arn and Tully hopping into the ring.
11-28-2021 , 06:16 PM
for me, mjf/pg punk was by far the best 2 person promo of the year. im not sure what you guys were watching, but punk held his own, and had some brutal comebacks. mjf is hands down the best right now though, but it was at least a contest.
11-28-2021 , 09:39 PM
His insistence that MJF was angry that Punk didn't mention him in random interviews was pretty lol. Anybody really care about that? That's a huge miss for me. "Needle dick"? Back to elementary school insults? Not saying it was all bad from Punk because I enjoyed a lot of it but those misses give the W to MJF and dragged his promo down for me.
Today , 02:08 AM
Promo's a 10/10 for me. Punk had some misses, but some great lines as well, 8/10. MJF was a 12/10, so there you go.