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10-07-2021 , 01:04 AM
People ****ing booed MOXLEY. Page is so over, Full Gear is gonna be insane.
10-07-2021 , 01:40 AM
Originally Posted by LKJ The AEW Thread
Man oh man it warms my heart that Arn still has it as a talker and character.
Agreed 100 times over. He’s amazing at the moment. He will shoot carjackers in the face and commit actual arson on tape.

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10-07-2021 , 03:43 AM
I wonder what's on tap for Bryan at FG .

Looking forward to seeing this Hangman/Omega story finally come to it's conclusion after two years
10-07-2021 , 01:08 PM
I think Jade Cargill will win the TBS championship then Rosa will get the Women's championship.
10-07-2021 , 01:48 PM
That would be even better.

I'm not too worried about them failing to properly push Rosa. Seems clear from their presentation of her so far that they like her.
10-07-2021 , 02:00 PM
I like Jade, she absolutely has the look.

That said, it's pretty clear how green she still is in the ring. I understand why they're pushing, but it feels rushed. In a year or two, I think she'll be perfect.

I definitely want Rosa to dethrone DMD.

Regardless, the tournament for the new belt should be great.
10-07-2021 , 06:11 PM
Originally Posted by whatthejish The AEW Thread
People ****ing booed MOXLEY. Page is so over, Full Gear is gonna be insane.
Moxley is subtly turning heel. He's pissed off that he's been in AEW since the beginning and all these guys are showing up now and stealing his thunder. He's gonna go after one of them pretty soon.
10-08-2021 , 10:26 PM
Arn Anderson getting the shoutout during The Acclaimed's entrance is awesome.

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10-09-2021 , 08:31 PM
Wow, Jericho needs to calm the **** down in the booth. He's great as a narrator on Dark Side of the Ring, wish he would bring more of that energy to his commentary.
10-09-2021 , 09:14 PM
I agree. You would think that an extremely talented talker like him would always do well on commentary, but it doesn't seem to be that way.
10-10-2021 , 10:03 AM
Punk was way better than Jericho in the booth.
10-11-2021 , 01:27 AM

Short vid from Forbes with a neat look behind the scenes.
10-14-2021 , 09:15 PM
10-15-2021 , 07:19 PM
the couple shows after the awesome pay per view were good, but imho the story-telling and lack of backstage content has really taken the wind out of aew sails for me. im starting to actually agree with whoever said long ago that they have way too many people in aew. there isnt enough time for most of them and they keep adding more. punk has been a bust for me, except on commentary. mark henry has to go. mjf continues to be great, and my favorite part of any show they are on is the entrance of the acclaimed. imo a rhodes heel turn is a must.
10-15-2021 , 07:21 PM
They do need to get Punk some real creative direction, starting immediately. “Watch him just because he’s CM Punk and he’s back” has expired.
10-15-2021 , 09:31 PM
Bryan Danielson vs Minoru Suzuki live on YouTube. What a year.
10-15-2021 , 10:14 PM
Punk desperately gasping for air despite Taz and Starks saying he might have great cardio from MMA.
10-15-2021 , 10:39 PM
Jericho is so ****ing excited for additional cursing freedom that he shoehorns as many swear words into his promos as he can, whether it actually helps the promo or not.
10-15-2021 , 10:50 PM
I want to like JDS wrestling but I can't look past the fact he looks like he's punching like a dad would his kid when playing around. Not that I want him to hurt people but if he can't make it look good, it shouldn't be done.
10-17-2021 , 01:56 AM
Not really digging these MMA guys. Can't believe JDS was even greenlit to go in the ring, he looks so bad. Then Masvidal missed his flying knee on Jericho by about 5 feet. Guess it gives you a new appreciation for how good Rousey looked in the ring right away.
10-17-2021 , 03:57 AM
Catching up a bit, watching Rampage now. Weirdly, I'm not seeing any action replays using the TNT website. Previous episodes have been just fine with the site/app. I can hear the commentators talking about the replay, but I think TNT just accidentally uploaded a main feed and not the most downstream feed. Did it air with replays live?

Punk/Sydal match was fine. Agree with the sentiments that Punk needs a real character now, the afterglow is fading.

This Bunny/Ruby Soho match is great. I am super psyched about the women's division. I ****ing love The Bunny, she sells so well. I liked the finish. I also like this whole brass knuckles thing-- we've seen Penelope, Bunny, and Blade use it in recent memory.

I don't exactly mind this MMA stuff. It just kinda feels like it's own thing at the moment, much in the way the Codyverse stuff has been previously. The idea has a lot of potential, but I think it needs something organic to happen to make it all click. I'm not really sure what it is, but something's missing.

I did enjoy that match a lot more than I thought I would. Sammy is spectacular. Ethan Page does not get enough credit, he continues to impress me in and out of the ring. I'm not really a fan of him and Scorpio getting lumped in with Lambert and company. I understand they need some actual wrestlers in the group, but both guys are already better than their Men of the Year pairing and are definitely better than this MMA stable.

Dynamite episode isn't up yet, so I guess I'll watch that later.
10-17-2021 , 10:22 PM
Punk is funny on commentary. He has this "IDGAF energy" to him since he is super popular and I'm sure has a great contract so he doesn't have to bother to toe the company line or be as polished as everyone else.

Examples from Dynamite:

He spoiled the FTR reveal. The dramatic thing to do would be to build up the suspense of who the masked wrestlers are and then have a big reaction when they get revealed. But Punk was just doing stream of consciousness "Uh, guys I think it's FTR....yeah I'm pretty sure it's FTR." LOL I don't think he knew in advance but he figured it out during the match and just casually spoiled the big moment.

Then there was the comment about Kiera Hogan being related to Hulk Hogan and the awkward conversation that set off. He also made a comment about Serena Deeb's hair which I assume was a reference to when she had a shaved head when they were in the Straight Edge Society in WWE but none of the other commentators reacted to it.
10-18-2021 , 12:26 AM
I also like his little Easter Eggs like when he said "you're live pal" as a callback to JR's reaction to a Sid ****up years back or when he uses "what a maneuver!" in the same exaggerated way Vince used to do.
10-18-2021 , 03:59 AM
All action replays/graphics seems to be here on the Dynamite replay, so I guess that Rampage issue was just a technical thing.

Holy ****. Dante Martin vs Malakai Black was incredible. I've slowly been warming up on Dante and this sealed the deal. Great match. The nod has me super intrigued.

I'll be come, I'll be come, I'll be comiiinnn... Haha, gotta love it.

Lollll, Punk. "Is that American Top Team's music?" Hahahaa, I LOVED him spilling the beans on FTR. It wanders that line between planned and unplanned really well. I do think it was intentional and am curious if it's something bigger or just that Punk is the "smart" commentator. "They haven't done one flip." Lolz. Match was sick, good swerve.

Lio Rush + Dante Martin = killer tag team!

Moxley running over Yuta was awesome. Unstoppable force energy.

I am down for a Shida/Deeb feud. Again, this women's division is only getting better and better.

I gotta say, I get it. I love Adam Cole (sorry, LKJ). Dark Order is such a unique thing, it's great. Really fun match! That was a blast.

Punk: "I don't know if it's been asked... Kiera Hogan, is there any relation?"

Shiavonne: "Hogan's Heroes? I don't know."

JR: "That's enough, Tony."
I died.

Penelope Ford really has great presence. I like her pants/boots combo.

Punk: "Ruby's got the high ground." Narrator: She did not.

Miro's promo was sick.

Wow, a wonderfully heartfelt in-ring promo from Hangman. Beautifully summarized his storyline over the past two years, restating the thesis. He came out and proved yet again why the Young Bucks said that he was the guy to build the company around. The Anxious Millennial Cowboy is all growns up!

Apparently there was a Buy-In for Rampage on Friday on AEW's youtube page? With Danielson vs Suzuki???

Punk is ****ing hilarious in the booth. I definitely want more of this.

Had no expectations for this last match, but it was great! I was thoroughly entertained.

Wow, awesome episode of Dynamite. Couldn't ask for much more. Looks like I'm working the overnight shift November 13th, so that will be fun trying to split the watching between home and work. There's no way I'm missing Full Gear, my body is ready.
10-20-2021 , 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by whatthejish The AEW Thread
I gotta say, I get it. I love Adam Cole (sorry, LKJ).
I mean I don't know what there is to get. I, too, get the fact that he has a catchphrase.