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Problem with Bracket Payouts


I recently entered a $22 bracket tourney on Tuesday and finished in 2nd. The brackets are new at draftday and there was bug in this one's payout system. I wasn't rewarded for my semi-final win and lost in the finals. As a result, 2nd through 4th place made the same amount of money.

I've been in touch with support and while they agree there's an error in the payout system, so far I've been told that's basically how it goes and that while there was a bug, the correct payouts were paid out for that bracket and I won't be rewarded with any money for my semi-final win.

This seems wrong to me and while support provided fast and speedy responses, I never really got the one I was looking for. Also, there was $640 in the prizepool and with my quick math, only $560 was paid out. I've tried to get credit for it, but so far have had no luck.

Here's the bracket for reference
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Re: Problem with Bracket Payouts

I'd like to hear from someone at DD, but here is my quick take.
It does look like there is a problem when you mouse over the prize pool arrow drop down.
It should read
1st 200
2nd 120
3-4 80
5-8 40
that would total $640. also, if you look at the bracket itself, at the top of the bracket over round 3, round 4, and championship, the prize amounts above are shown there.

as far as payout, it can be a little confusing. DD awards the prizes as soon as you win them. So as soon as you won your rd 2 match, you were awarded $40. as soon as you won rd3 match, another 40 (because 3-4 place get $80 total). when you won your round 4 match, you were awarded another 40 (2nd place gets 120). If you would have won the final round, you would have received another $80 for first. but as it is, on the day where you officially finish second, you wouldn't have received anything, because it was all paid out along the way.
I'd go back and check your transaction history and see if you have 3 payouts for that tourney of $40 each, totalling the $120 you should have won.

I think the confusion with support was they saw the error on the dropdown, so said "yes there is a bug", but they didn't realize you wanted to verify you actually got the $120 you should have.
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Re: Problem with Bracket Payouts

Yeah everything is all set, just got an E-mail from their support and they're crediting me the $40.

Thanks guys
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Re: Problem with Bracket Payouts

I must have stumbled into the subtle brag thread accidentally. I'll leave now.
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Re: Problem with Bracket Payouts

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