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Harrahs ADT question

Does anyone know the time frame the ADT uses? Is it the last 6 months, forever, last X number of trips, resets each year? Does frequency matter? Lets say my ADT is 1000 per trip (A made up number). In regard to comp offers does it make a difference if I do that once a week, once a month, a year?

I play at Cherokee about every other month. Most of the time I have been able to get a free room or good discount at a hotel across the street. One time I was given a free room in the casino, but Im chalking that up to a computer glitch. Anyway I went to LV in June for a week and play a several different Harrahs casino almost every day, but not for every long for any given casino (I also played in non Harrahs casinos). When in Cherokee I will play for about 10 hours a day. Im assuming my ADT took a big hit from the LV trip.
Any idea on how long till my LV trip is cleared from any ADT calculations?
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Re: Harrahs ADT question

It isn't public knowledge anymore, but in the past Harrah's let you see some of this data online. And at that time they seemed to focus on 3 ADT numbers based on: your last 6 visits, the last year, and the last 2 years. They easily may have changed this method by now, but it's probably a good starting point.

More details can be found here:

I have also heard that CET has a complex formula that comes up with a final number to determine how much you are "worth" to them. In this formula, I would assume ADT is the biggest factor, but if two players have an ADT of $1000 and one of them shows up 3x more often to play, he or she would be more valuable, obv.
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