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Re: Cards Memorizing Process

personally, i don't like the "sort and memorize" a string a numbers strategy every time. i'm prone to double count numbers or suits in an 8 handed games where multiple players make it to the river and multiple folds are made along the line.

when the game is 4 or 5 handed, i am able to use the method above. i actually only count the dead cards once they are tossed on 3rd to ensure i don't double count.

however when it's 8 handed, things get messy. there are definitely simpler shortcuts that work for me and doesn't require me to actively involve my brain repeating numbers and suits over and over every new street.

i think once u play enough hands, u'll find ur own methods to simplify or even cut off part of the memorizing process. every situation is different. sometimes it isn't necessary to memorize all the numbers.

i suggest just seeing what works and what doesn't. trial and error and eventually u'll land on method(s) u'll find is simple to use.

maybe others either can make good use of a string of numbers or have a photographic memory, but i can't do either. also coming from an online background, i get lazy.

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Joe Tall
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Re: Cards Memorizing Process

Originally Posted by Ray Zee View Post
thats why you got so good so fast joe. you put the effort into your success at poker. and the results show.
Took me years, ha. I also read your book cover OFF and then built my own concepts on top of it. Ty sharing that with us sir. Hope all is well.
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