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Re: Seattle

Originally Posted by Rapid_Fire View Post
A true wrap perhaps, but the hands he was describing were not actually wraps.
If what you assume is true then yes, you are correct. At first read I thought he meant made a pair by "connected card" but looking at it again I believe you're probably right. So basically Steve you misused the term wrap twice. Preflop that's a 9 hi probably connected possibly suited run-down hand. Post flop I don't know what it is but it's not a wrap.
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Re: Seattle

Also I think you guys need to take it easy on AKQJT. For anyone whos never played against him IRL he's like a poor mans version of Russell Crowes character in A Beautiful Mind. He's Highly Intelligent(no sarcasm), but seemingly always bothered by something or other...
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Re: Seattle

Originally Posted by Yuliial View Post
Steve I'm usually here for your food suggestions but hunting down a McDonalds when there's A Dick'S LITERALLY RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET makes you nothing shy of a sociopath. Also depending on the stack-to-pot ratio getting it in on the flop w a wrap can be completely standard. Stick to food kid.
Dicks is actually open later than McDs too. I've always appreciated the 24 hour McDs by Muckleshoot when coming home at 3:30 in the morning. Live saver

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Re: Seattle

Clarification: Dude UTG makes it 100pf after someone else made it 20 with something like 6789. Flop was face card, face card, 7. Dude checked flop, called jam by button for $200. Turn was another middle card giving him a straight draw, and he rivered the straight. Dude was nursing a beer.

I've only played PLO a few times live, and 20 or so hours in the .10/.20 games on globalpoker.

Regarding mcdonalds, as long as they have $1 quarter pounders I'm taking advantage. Dicks is fine, but pricier in comparison (to $1 QPCs) and I don't enjoy their fries.

Someone ordered a burger at RD while i was there and it looked fine. I'll be going back to RD to see what the PLO games are like on weekends. For a Monday it was a juicy game for sure. I went because the O8 at Fortune was full and didn't feel like hold em.

Plus the tip about the juicy game from earlier in the thread. I played RD a few months ago and lost a couple of buyins to PLO sharks.

One guy left the table with 3k in chips, at a 1/3 game. He seemed to be spicy as well, winning a 200 pot with runner runner two pair A2.

I did google what a plo wrap is, turns out there's 4 or 5 kind of wraps. Duly noted!

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DZ McNasty
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Re: Seattle

Originally Posted by seattle View Post
You can't see how the former requires knowledge of such document even exist in order to request for it, and the latter simply puts it on display?

Not sure why I am even engaging with you.
Because you're a troll.

Originally Posted by GiantGinger View Post
At the Muck on Friday a dealer said that Tulalip's poker room is closing in Mid-September. I confirmed that it wasn't Sno and he was very confident Tulalip was closing as well. Can anyone else confirm this?
The dealers have been zero indication of that to my knowledge.
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