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old hand
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Re: Seattle

Palace had 11 games with three $15/$30s.
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Re: Seattle

Fortune Steak fajita burrito. Extra charge for chips. It's a fat f****** burrito for $6 after discount.

3/5 games finally broke Saturday a.m. Looked like the muckers did some damage to each other.

Quacamole was legit. Chunky, seemingly made fresh.

Played the 8/16 for the first time after dumping a buyin at 1/3. Super loose play, got even plus a rack!
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Old 02-17-2018, 08:57 PM   #4803
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Re: Seattle

After my first extended experience of playing cash poker at the Fortune (1/3) I'd like to opine about the difference compared to that at the Tulalip. As stated before, for something like 10 years running I was consistently in the top 50 Tulalip hours played monthly.

To me the poker experience is superior at the Fortune and the reason why is poker is the only reason for existence there. Poker matters so by extension poker players matter. At the Tulalip poker remains the unwanted step-child. Slots are king. The delivery of the overall poker offering at Fortune is crisp and clean. I feel valued. By contrast at the Tulalip the prevailing attitude seems that I should count it a privilege that poker is even offered. My patronage is not important and I should be grateful for this sub-standard poker product.

My compare and contrast is subjective but it is so real to me. Just one element for example, the food is outstanding at the Fortune. Just finished a meal of chicken pad thai. Fresh, delicious and a steal at 50% discount.

I am a recreational ABC low-limit poker player, nothing special. But I am able to recognize good quality play in others. This I did witness at the Fortune along with other fish like me.

The 1 hour drive to Renton (w/o traffic) instead of 15 minutes to the Tulalip is a pain but it is worth it to play at a quality poker establishment.
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Seattle

Nice post
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Re: Seattle

I second this opinion. I moved to So Cal 4 years ago and have been itching to play Fortune. I'm about to leave but may consider long weekend flights up from SNA to play there. The location being close to SeaTac. I love the 8/16 there and food bad service is priority. They even brush the tables before use as well.
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