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Live Poker in Asia


I'm looking for cash game with acceptable / good rake and lowest minimum bet in Asia.

Where should i go? I only play live game because my big advantages is within the live game.

Any info?

I heard about Cambodia and phillipines..

Which one is better?

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Re: Live Poker in Asia

I don't think it exists. AFAIK you can play poker in Macau and Korea, both of which spread few games and with high rake. Haven't heard anything specific about Cambodia or the Philippines.
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Re: Live Poker in Asia

OP, read the threads in the travel forum near the bottom of the 2+2 HP. You can play as low as 1/1 US in Sihanoukville/Camb or 25/50peso (like 0.5/1 US) in Manila and other places in Phil IIRC. I've never played in these, the average skill level is prolly terrible, but expect elevated rake and frequently other issues ranging from terrible dealers/floor to (in some cases) outright collusion and other forms of cheating. There are various differences between Cambodia and Philippines ranging from culture to English levels to safety issues, there are proponents of either country. In either place don't expect things to work like in a first world country.
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Re: Live Poker in Asia

Have lived and played live (rec not as pro) in Manila for last 4+ years. At least four casinos have poker as well as one decent size poker only room. Stakes from 20/40 pesos to 100/200 peso on regular basis. Rake and buy in structures vary slightly between locations but expect rake to be 10% with cap 300 - 500 pesos depending on blinds. Most places now have bad beat jackpot which is another 50 pesos from each pot. Overall dealer and floor quality is decent but like everywhere are some which aren't so great. English is basically second language in Philippines so no worries anywhere you go unless get well into province.
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