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Harrah's New Orleans (New Orleans, LA) Harrah's New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)

01-14-2022 , 02:25 PM
Glad you mentioned proof of vax. I always have a mask with me, but don't usually carry my vax card around.
01-14-2022 , 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by Fore Harrah's New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)
Probably about what you would guess.

In Jan 2018 a dealer worked with a player to rig the bbjp. Jp was about $166k. Dealer stacked the deck and dealt the player the “losing hand”. The other player was not involved in the rigging.

The staff noticed something odd and withheld the payout. The state police, who are in charge of LA gaming, investigated and in Feb confirmed the cheat and arrested the two.

Only way I heard about was when I went there in early Feb they were only spreading Omaha. I was told they could not spread holdem until investigation completed. Whether they really could not or just did not want to spread holdem with no bbjp I really don’t know.

The other interesting thing was that before this they spread mostly 4/8 limit holdem with some 4/8 half and half. Since then Omaha or half and half became the main game spread. Seems the locals got used to Omaha and never really went back to holdem.
Interesting stuff.... I actually suck at PLO but I enjoy limit games though I am not as strong at Omaha in general (I think I am a little better at HL) as I am playing stud but I like $5/10 so I will probably drop by. If it sucks I can jump to Harrah's earlier.

One last question: Free alcohol to players?
01-14-2022 , 05:45 PM
Originally Posted by Garick Harrah's New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)
Glad you mentioned proof of vax. I always have a mask with me, but don't usually carry my vax card around.
Basically need vax proof or neg test within 72hrs to go anywhere in NOLA and now this week masks indoors are back.
Yesterday , 04:26 PM
Well, Boomtown is a bust since it's not even open on Mondays so I played at Harrah's.

I got there at around 1:30 however even though I called in I was third on the list. They took my # and I went about dropping $100 in a slot. I came back and my name was off the list - called ten minutes before evidently. No text. The least they could have done was add me to the top of the list but nope.

I hung out against the wall (the Bravo said WALL next to my name so I felt so special) because I didn't trust them to text me (or the text to work) but I would up being part of a brand new game.

Game was soft but I could never get anything going. The few premiums I got had no action, I didn't hit many flops. I won by targeting two players who were terrible and lost to a short stack with Kings when he didn't have enough chips for me to fold to his shove. I talked quite a big with a local named Mike who was Vietnam vet and a good guy.

I left after about four hours exactly even which has never happened to me before.

I do not think I will be playing any more while I am here, too much other stuff to do, but I like playing there when I am in town.