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*** Welcome to MTT SNG Forum ***

08-11-2011 , 08:58 AM
Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the new and exciting MTT SNG forum.

In this forum we're going to be talking about MTT SNGs which start with 3 tables or more - 2 table SNGs will now be going in STTF.

As online poker continues to grow in popularity, so 2+2 continues to grow as well. With more players, playing in and posting about more tournaments, there comes the need to free up space in SSMTT to talk about the types of situations which occur in larger scheduled tournaments, and seperate them from some of the different types of situation which occur frequently in MTT SNGs.

Of course there will be continue to be some overlap between SNG and scheduled MTTs, but at many stages of the game they often play quite differently to a scheduled event which may have a similar structure.

An FAQ will be going up shortly, but if you have any questions about this forum in the meantime then please feel free to PM us.

Have fun, be nice to other posters, and please don't post BBV or results.

Please remember to post a description in the title when making a thread, and be courteous to other posters.

$35/180 - Turn spot with TPGK early

is Good

AJ big Blind

is NOT

Continuous disregard for this may result in infractions.

Useful Links
-MTTSNG Study Buddy Thread

ROI, Bankroll, Moving up, Variance and Downswings (general containment thread)

*** MTTSNG forum HUD (HEM/PT3) discussion thread ***

45 Man's
Hardgeus' Guide to PokerStars 45 Man Turbo Tournaments
A pretty in depth look into 45's with some good discussion included. Must Read!

45Man SNG's and variance
Trail's off a little towards the end but up until then some good points made by a lot of the regular grinders.

ICM in 45 man Turbos
A good debate.

AM I a donkey? $6/45
After some mild derailment, some good discussion comes about with regards to calling ranges and ICM.

SSNYC's 12/45 BVB check up
Some more advice and discussion on calling and shoving ranges

180 Man's

A Collection of Advice on playing PokerStars 180 man Sit and Go's
The Holy Grail of 180 Man information

Shaundeeb's Beginners Guide to 180 Mans
Doesn't need an introduction

furo's 180 man guide
small stakes non turbo guide

The Mechanics of Grinding 180's by tomsom87
deep insights on grinding 180's from a reg

Why I think the turbo 12/180's are cool by AmirSF

The 3r/180 "Should I rebuy/addon?" debate

NoahSd's look at MTT variance Part 1
NoahSd's look at MTT variance Part 2

[VIDEO] Variance Theory

JITxpert's Updated Pushbot Spreadsheet

Revising the JCM pushbot charts

ICM software:
[*] SNGPT Software that allows the user to run an EV calculation that takes into account the ICM, folding equity, and more.
[*] SitNGo Wizard Another ICM tool with tournie import, bubble quiz and more...
[*] SNGWiz Paster AHK for copying stack sizes from the forum to SNGWiz for use
[*] SNGEGT Another ICM calculator with the controversial real-time option. Please check with your poker site's TOS to determine if you can use it.
[*] Pokerstove Helps you run simulations and EV calculations. (Mirror download location HERE)
[*] ICM calculator Calculations by hand. Freeware. There's an alternative online version HERE. And finally, poster New York Jet has offered an alternativeHERE that you can download.
[*] IPhone & ITouch HU Poker Trainer v2.0: Quizzes you on Nash Equilibrium shoving and calling ranges. Now has NE charts, history of your quizzes, and other features - Created by gulon
[*] Stox EV - Can calculate the EV of exotic post-flop situations. Matching tutorial by Hood

See Also: ****STTF Tools - Software, Videos, & Link Collection****

External Links:
There are some very useful websites and pieces of software here, and some that have debatable value. Two Plus Two Publishing LLC is not affiliated with any of these sites, or other pages not hosted at, nor does it endorse them

The Mods

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02-02-2012 , 10:24 AM
How to use the new hand history converter

This updates the FAQ, which had shown the old style HH converter.

1) Click to open the converter

2) Paste the complete hand history into the popup window

3) Ensure that the "Use position alias" box is checked.

4) If you are posting a hand for strategy discussion then please ensure that you have selected "Don't show results".

You didn't know what villain had when you made the play, so telling us what he had gives us information which was not at your disposal and makes it more difficult to offer unbiased analysis and feedback. The results aren't important to the feedback you are seeking.

5) Press the magic button and the magic will happen

6) If there is further information before showdown, but after Hero's crucial decision, which has been converted but is unnecessary, please remove it. In the example used Hero, raised all in pre flop; villain's call and the community cards are not pertinent to the discussion and so can be deleted before you post the thread.

With a bit of luck you will get text which looks like this (not including the quote box)

[converted_hand][hand_history]Poker Stars, $7 Buy-in (3,000/6,000 blinds, 600 ante) No Limit Hold'em Tournament, 2 Players
[url=""]Poker Tools[/url] Powered By [url=""]Holdem Manager[/url] - The Ultimate [url=""]Poker Software[/url] Suite. View Hand [url=" F"]#9177352[/url]

[b]SB: 182,460 (30.4 bb)[/b]
[b]Hero (BB): 87,540 (14.6 bb)[/b]

[b]Preflop[/b]: (1,200) Hero is BB with Q:spade: Q:diamond:
[color="red"]SB raises to 36,000[/color], [color="red"]Hero raises to 86,940 and is all-in[/color]


And the result will end up looking like this when you post

    Poker Stars, $7 Buy-in (3,000/6,000 blinds, 600 ante) No Limit Hold'em Tournament, 2 Players
    Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager - The Ultimate Poker Software Suite. View Hand #9177352

    SB: 182,460 (30.4 bb)
    Hero (BB): 87,540 (14.6 bb)

    Preflop: (1,200) Hero is BB with Q Q
    SB raises to 36,000, Hero raises to 86,940 and is all-in

    Get the Flash Player to use the Hold'em Manager Replayer.

    Have fun