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MTTSNG Discussion and analysis of MTTSNGs.

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Looking for edge instead of volume

Hey everyone!
Here is the thing, I play poker for about 4 years now, as I make way much money with my actual profession (CGI/VFX freelancer), sometimes I stop playing for a while, but when I get a break from work I like to study and play the game.

A while ago I went from 50 bucks to 3k on stars, playing 180 man SNG, but now I realise I just got lucky then and I donk it off very quickly too.

Now I'm really trying to grind up, my account had 20 cents and I built up to 20 dollars playing a lot of 10c 360 and 50c 45 man. My situation is, I really feel that I'm beating the 45 sng turbos playing 4 tables, but when I step up to 8 or even just 6 tables, I feel my edge drops dramatically. Do you think it is more profitable to adapt playing more tables or I can keep the 4-tabling and step up the stakes as my bankroll increases? I know my bankroll management is a bit irresponsible now, but I pretend to correct that soon. So what do you think my strategy should be? I'm looking for a higher edge in order to play less tournaments.
Thanks for you time.

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Re: Looking for edge instead of volume

Play as many tables as you feel comfortable with, at a buyin designed to maximise your hourly. Nobody can tell you where that balance will be, it's different for everyone, so I'm afraid you'll have to work it out for yourself.

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