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MTTSNG Discussion and analysis of MTTSNGs.

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0.5$ turbo 45 questions


My bankroll will be ready soon to go from 0.25 to 0.5 turbo 45. I don't want to play non turbo and the diffrence is huge so i need to learn a little.

First of all when should i start use ICM? On semi final table or on final table?

Is 50 BI okey to start 45's?

And how much them i should play daily because i don't want to see graph which looks like swings just because i dont play enough tournaments.

What ROI is possible for novice and advanced?

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Re: 0.5$ turbo 45 questions

1) You should start use ICM when there is payments envolved. Although you have to consider more in bubble, ft bubble and obv ft.
2) It's ok, but if I were you I would get like 100 minimum, if you wan't to take it seriously, you should have discipline and have a bankroll that can deal with hard swings. Better start doing that early, not when you play more expensive mtt.
3) If you're goal is to keep playing and take this serious try to play like 100 per day, it's better to play all in one session, but if you can't do 2 sessions or 3.
4) 20%+ on 3k games its a decent ROI to have an idea.

Good luck!
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I'm gonna need a hacksaw
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Re: 0.5$ turbo 45 questions

Use ICM on the final tables for 45 man. Abuse ICM factors when short handed on the final two tables as well (so many people fold to make the final table).

50bi is not enough, but if you are willing to reload (remember it's only $25 to reload for 50bi), then go for it. I'd rather play $0.50 than anything less.

Play what you are comfortable with (in terms of number of MTTs per day). Forcing games is just insane. Just don't look at daily results. You are playing 45 man MTTs so it will be bumpy over 1,000s of MTTs. If you don't like looking at swings, you're in the wrong business.

Not sure about ROI for 50c 45s. Imagine 20%+ would be fairly easy for a skilled player.
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