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What to learn, what to learn?

I'm open to any career-related suggestions:
  • Brand new PhD, semi-STEM field, more of a social scientist of tech
  • Looking to return to tech industry
  • 10-12 years of tech experience before I went back to school, largely software QA, little bit of PHP
  • Enjoy research. Grad studies included both quant (incl. R, Python/numpy) and qual skills. Dissertation was qual.
  • Enjoy coding
  • Would love to manage people in future, hopefully within 1-2 years; limited mgmt/leadership experience (twice I managed a TA).
  • Lots of teaching experience incl online.
  • Definitely wouldn't pass myself off as a "data science PhD" whatever that even means, but I have done a bit incl some self-teaching on the side. The R project was a published paper that involved automating and scoring 5M regressions.
  • Open to starting at entry level but for "perm" jobs will need a growth path beyond entry level
  • Very very open to contracting.

I would highly value any and all ideas regarding industry jobs. I would probably need a few months to build up my skills to be, e.g., a Python dev above entry level. People analytics only recently come onto my radar but might be a good fit. I don't really have specific UX experience but that area might be a good opportunity to unite qual, quant, and coding skills, if I could study up on the fundamentals.

Academia-to-industry is definitely a culture shock but one I'm prepared for from previous experience. I think I'm better than most PhDs at describing my transferable experience/skills to nonacademics and general workplace communication.

If anyone in the tech industry would be willing to do a 20 minute informational interview, either by phone or in person depending on location, I'd be really appreciative.

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Re: What to learn, what to learn?

I’d be open to a chat, I have less experience than you in tech - currently working as a dev at a fintech startup though - and have recently gone through the process of (re)learning coding, learning how to learn etc, so things I’ve learnt on my journey may be applicable to you.

Send me a pm if you like
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Re: What to learn, what to learn?

I think alot of this is dependent on what end/side of coding you're more excited about and then tailor your study/training to that and go from there..

As far as growth path in tech, I'm guessing your best bet to do 1-2 years from start to PM/CTO type route would be in a startup environment, if that's the case then learning a full stack of Javascript (MEAN... or some close alternative) would make you extremely valuable to a startup and its need for rapid development, etc.

I own a JS centric bootcamp so I'm bias but I also see how many jobs in JS there are and it's really astounding how many options you have.
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