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What companies use Flutter & Dart?

I recently started a new job as a technical recruiter and am working on a very difficult project. Our client is looking for Senior Software Engineers with at least 3 years experience with Flutter & Dart. I generally use LinkedIn Premium and advanced boolean searches to quickly identify high quality candidates, but have found very few 10/10 candidates for this role so far.

Since my keyword searches have produced very little results, I thought I would try targeting companies where their mobile engineers primarily/ exclusively use Flutter and Dart? It's not uncommon for people to provide very little detail on their LinkedIn profiles so I may be missing out on some great candidates who haven't specifically mentioned their Flutter & Dart experience.

Does anyone know what companies use Flutter & Dart? Or know of resources that would assist me in tracking down this info? I've been able to find a short list of companies that use Flutter (Square, eBay, BMW, Sonos, etc) but have struggled to find info on companies using Dart.

My boss knows that this is an exceptionally challenging search and that the hiring manager will be incredibly tough on applicants so his expectations of me are pretty low, but I'd love to use this as an opportunity to prove myself at my new company.

I was on a quick call with the hiring manager last week and he said the holy grail candidate would be someone who has 2+ years of Dart backend work with Google Cloud and extensive API experience.

TLDR; I'm a technical recruiter working on challenging project. Looking for Senior Software Engineers with at least 3 yrs experience in Flutter & Dart. What companies use Flutter & Dart?
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Re: What companies use Flutter & Dart?

Using Flutter implies also using Dart, so maybe tailor your searches for just Flutter.
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Re: What companies use Flutter & Dart?

Hasn't flutter been around for like 4 years? That's a ridiculous requirement. Reminds me of the job posting that wanted 5 years of experience in some JS framework. The inventor of the framework couldn't qualify.
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