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Re: ** UnhandledExceptionEventHandler :: OFFICIAL LC / CHATTER THREAD **

Originally Posted by blackize5 View Post
Curious to get people's thoughts -

Do you ever see high churn on a team without some underlying reason?

My team was 5 devs when I joined a little less than a year ago. At the end of next week all 5 of the original members will have transferred out or left the company.

Everyone had been on the team for at least a year when I joined. First was someone who claimed that they just wanted to move out of the area so they joined another company that would relocate. Next was that person's closest friends on the team. They had been with this team for 2+ years and that is their only dev experience so they said they wanted to try something new.

Next was someone that has been working to transition to mobile dev for a while in their spare time.

Next was a very senior engineer who had the opportunity to lead a brand new team that has a lot of importance to upper management.

And last up is a dev that got poached by our security team and specialized in security has been a long term goal of theirs for a while.

Oh and we had 2 people join the team in this time from another team that was shuttered. One of them almost immediately spun out to head another brand new team.

This feels like a bit of a perfect storm, but it's a lot of churn in a short period of time so I'm curious about other perspectives on it.
A little concerning but if the reasons are legitimate, then it is a perfect storm. Iím going through the same thing but I know from having a close relationship with everyone, is that they hate the position that they are in.

The question to you though is.. are you still enjoying work? Or is this churn having a negative impact on you?
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Re: ** UnhandledExceptionEventHandler :: OFFICIAL LC / CHATTER THREAD **

I'm definitely still enjoying the work. The churn is having an effect on me because people that I liked working with are departing the team and because we're not backfilling quickly enough.

Mostly I just want to be sure that I'm doing whatever I can to fix any issues there might be. I'm definitely going to see about grabbing a drink with some of the folks that left recently and see if they're willing to open up at all.
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Re: ** UnhandledExceptionEventHandler :: OFFICIAL LC / CHATTER THREAD **

CB, I didnít read past the first little bit of that but I agree that Iím sometimes an ******* on here. Iím actually trying to avoid that more these days (which mostly means posting less).

That being said, when one person is clearly being an *******, itís not equally assholish to call them out like you seemed to think earlier.
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