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Re: ** UnhandledExceptionEventHandler :: OFFICIAL LC / CHATTER THREAD **

Originally Posted by suzzer99 View Post
There's a lot of momentum behind picking the new thing after you spend a $million developing it and some exec's butt is on the line. I've never seen AB testing result in "nope, let's kill it" for any major redesign. Maybe small things, or maybe tweak the redesign a bit.

Maybe snapchat is different but I kinda doubt it.
Sometimes it's the inspiration to continue working on the new thing until it reaches parity.

But yeah, otherwise, it fails if and only if the exec gets fired which is rare for all of the usual (good and bad) reasons.
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Re: ** UnhandledExceptionEventHandler :: OFFICIAL LC / CHATTER THREAD **

maybe not news to most of you, but I found this interesting:
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Re: ** UnhandledExceptionEventHandler :: OFFICIAL LC / CHATTER THREAD **

That was really interesting. Thanks for posting.
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Re: ** UnhandledExceptionEventHandler :: OFFICIAL LC / CHATTER THREAD **

oh man that interview was hard.

4 separate interviews - one was a quick sort problem where he wanted me to find the k'th largest element, i knew the solution was modified quick sort with a heap implementation but that was about it.

then he wanted me, given two sorted arrays, to find the k'th largest sum between the two arrays. i found the naive solution very quickly but needed a lot of help with the O(nlog(k)) implementation he wanted.

that guy told me i did very well though.

the second interview was coding with the guy I've been interacting with through email this entire time - he gave me a softball mult(int a, int b) question which thank god I've coded a million times and I knocked that one out of the park. he tried to make it more difficult by making me analyze the function, like asking what downside my recursive solution had. I told him it uses a lot of space on the stack, he asked me how to minimize that and I gave the correct answer.

then he went on to an array multiplication problem and wanted to know how i'd optimize it for 4 cores given a 2x2 multiplication. I couldnt remember how to multiple an array but told him we'd need a nested loop running for each calculation in the 2x2 array.

I think those interviews went okay but I felt very lost a lot of the time other than on the softball question. after the coding he was probing me on questions testing my OS knowledge - given a black box program running on an OS, if we realize it's running slower than expected, what are the possible reasons for this and how can we check for them?

i told him 1 signal would be memory utilization - and he asked me why that would slow it down, and i told him once RAM is full then the task scheduler needs to start making decisions about what to switch in and out of memory. he asked what a cause for that could be - and i said perhaps some memory leak in the black box. he liked that answer.

the second signal i gave was cpu utilization, and the third i almost arrived at but it was I/O.

The one ****ing area on my resume that I know a lot about, compilers and programming language analysis they didn't really probe me much on.

the third interview was with the guy who I assume has the final say - he was the co-founder. he was very friendly and broke down what is expected of me day to day and what the environment is like. He asked me what my 2, 5, 10, and 20 year plans were.

He asked me given the two career paths - management and technical knowledge - which one was i likely to follow?

I said that given my work experience (boat captain) i am well versed and comfortable in a leadership role, but given that I am expanding into a new field at my slightly older age, I want to fill in some of the gaps in my technical knowledge, so that would be the path I choose for now.

he was extremely chatty, smiley and friendly despite prefacing the interview that he didn't have a lot of time and work was crazy at the moment. He lingered longer than he had to and answered some of the questions I had about their products. he gave me his business card at the end.

the 4th interview was a ****ing nightmare, it was with their head database guy. Like I said earlier, DB's are my achilles heel. I think I showed enough familiarity with the subject to pass, but I needed a lot of help, especially when we got to transactions. He broke down how their schema worked and how they have managed to save a lot of time and processing power (it's based on flash memory). I gave the correct answer to a few of his questions, but he was an extremely awkward dude with a thick swedish accent so there were a lot of moments of silence I tried to fill as best as I could.

towards the end I think I asked a smart question because he lit up and talked for a while - I asked that if their existing schema is based on flash memory, how do they deal with the read/write overhead that is really hard on SSD's? And he went into a long explanation of their techniques. I asked him a few questions about his background because he seemed like he was really nervous and shy and we chatted for a while.

then the main email guy came back and told me that was all they had, i asked what the next step was and he said they'd let me know in a week.

i could've done a lot better but all in all, i think I can chalk that one up to a passing grade. one positive - i was able to answer all the time/space complexity questions correctly and quickly, which is a strength of mine. There were a lot of those types of questions.
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Re: ** UnhandledExceptionEventHandler :: OFFICIAL LC / CHATTER THREAD **

All sounds pretty good to me
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