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Programming Discussions about computer programming

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Welcome to the Programming Forum!

The focus of this forum is computer programming. Some examples of relevant topics would include:
  • Programming/Scripting Languages - What should I use? Pros/Cons
  • Mobile/Browser/Social Media Programming - iPhone, Android, Firefox/Chrome addins, Facebook apps
  • Design Patterns - OO, Layering/Abstraction, Modeling
  • Databases - Which database? SQL vs NoSQL, Transactional SQL, Scaling/Redundancy
  • Development Methodologies - Agile, Scrum
  • Development Tools - IDE's, Frameworks, UI toolkits, other components, CMS/Wiki tools, Project Tracking/Management
  • Hosting Options - Provider info/reviews, Cloud computing
  • Career Discussion - software related career questions (this will initially be confined to one thread to create a resource)
  • Discussion of hiring - advice/information related to hiring for software related jobs, including freelancers (likely also limited to one thread)
Creation of general discussion threads focused on major platforms would also be welcomed, for example a general discussion thread for .Net, PHP, Ruby, etc.

  1. If you are posting a new thread, please search first to make sure a thread discussing your topic doesn't already exist.
  2. The discussion in this forum should be respectful and courteous! No flaming, harassment, personal attacks, etc. Offensive posters will be warned/infracted/banned at the discretion of the moderators.
  3. The discussion in this forum should be productive! No trolling! Low content worthless posts should be avoided generally. Posting a '+1' if you agree with a post is generally acceptable, but the rest of us would definitely prefer if you actually responded with the details of your agreement.
  4. Absolutely no discussion of illegal activities - piracy, warez, torrents, etc.
  5. No spamming - this includes subtle advertising of your product.
  6. No questionable/graphic/pornographic content, this forum is intended to be SFW. NSFW content is not allowed even in spoiler tags.
  7. If you create a thread and don't immediately get responses, be patient. If a few days have passed without a response, it is acceptable to bump your own thread ONCE if it has dropped off the front page.
  8. Use common sense and act maturely. Childish behavior will be dealt with harshly regardless if you violate the letter of the laws above. We want this forum to be productive and not ruined by stupid behavior.
  9. HOMEWORK questions will be confined to a specific homework thread. Please do NOT post these in individual threads.
  10. 2+2's general T&C's are here:

*** FAQ's ***

Q. How is this forum different from the Software forum?
A. The Software forum is geared at discussion of poker related software, including programming tools/scripts specific to poker and threads about specific poker applications. Discussion of specific functionality of a poker application would be better placed in the Software forum; discussion of what language/database to use if you're building a poker application would be appropriate in either forum; discussion of what language/database to use if you're building a web application would be appropriate in this forum.

Q. Nerds!
A. Haters gonna hate.

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