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Interview at my current job service provider

About me:
  • I live in Canada
  • I started working in an acturial company after my bachelor in actuarial science.
  • Programming started to take more and more place in my life (personnal projects) and at job (VBA to VB.NET to C# to ASP.NET, Web etc.)
  • I decided to stop my actuarial exams to become a programmer at the same place. I'm the only one here who takes programming really seriously (that's one negative point)
  • I make about 60k CAD$ here. I have been working here for 3 years. Last one as a programmer.
As it's not a programming company, I can see that future projects in programming are limited (second negative point), so I started watching for CS job offers.

My company has a programming company as a service provider and I'm in contact with them and I work with them (for certain projects). I asked to the HR (refered by the team manager of the project I'm working on with them) of the programming company if I could have an interview with them.

They answered that I placed them in a weird spot since my current employer is their client. They do not feel comfortable considering me before I speak to my boss about it, or give them a date at which my contract would be over...

The thing is that I find it weird to speak to my boss about it... I just want to know what kind of salary could I get in a real programming company, schedule, etc.
I really think I would be more of a fit in a programmers team then in an acturial's one. Much as personal stuff (video games, computer science, outdoors vs. money, taxes, politics) but also to be more involved in advanced programming projects and have more ressources (mentor) etc.

What would you do?
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Re: Interview at my current job service provider

Apply somewhere that doesn't have this kind of conflict
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Re: Interview at my current job service provider

+1. With 3 yrs experience you can find a better salary.
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Re: Interview at my current job service provider

Originally Posted by ask-me-again
I'm a programming intern in Columbus and I'm doing my final project for a degree. My company doesn't offer much help. The current opportunities for my project are limited, so I cannot rely on the company or its lab. Is it better to leave it as it is or quit the internship, write my thesis first and only then apply for an internship?

Hi Alex,
I don't think quitting your internship is a good idea. It's better to leave it as it is and find some additional time for your thesis project. But if you're a non-paid intern and it bothers you financially, then yes, you might consider quitting, but again: will you feel comfortable, when you go to an interview and need to explain to the hiring team later why you actually decided to quit?
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