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How much can you achieve with free hosting wordpress?

I have spent a lot of time researching this but i get different answers and im bit confused , im total noob at this kind of thing , i want to build a blog which will make me money , i dont neccesarily need a super proffesional thing but i want it to be good enough to get me there , the free hosting services i have found so far are only good for practising with the site and arent made for proffesional work , all of them have an option to pay in order to make something serious. Is it possible to create a proffesional site/blog with free hosting? if so how? can someone link me a tutorial? I currently host my site on 000webhost but yeah thats only good enough for customizing the site and play with wordpress. Do i have to pay no matter what? a definite answer would be nice so i wont have to waste more time researching for a free option.
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Re: How much can you achieve with free hosting wordpress?

Domain names are cheap.

Starter hosting plans are cheap. Upgrade if/when you get some traffic and make some money.

You don't want to push traffic to a site you have essentially no control over.
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