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Excel Help

Hi, I am an Excel noob, and am struggling to solve a problem.
I have this data (obviously over a much larger data set)

I would like to find links between the cards in the left column, and the number in the far right column.
Firstly, individual cards (eg, 7 means that number in right is likely to be higher.)

Secondly, combinations of cards (eg, 7s, 6s in left means right is likely to be higher.)

Trying to learn via google but if anyone hear can help out quicker would be much appreciated!
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Re: Excel Help

The Math or Probability sub forums would be more helpful for the statistics to use to analyze the data. My stats are rusty but it should be pretty straight forward I think.

I have heard Python and R are used a lot for data analysis but I have never used either of them. I imagine ywou will need a library in python to parse the Excel file.

The other option is to use VBA but it is pretty awful. If you do that I would use the functions that allow you to query the spreadsheet using sql query syntax. It will make data retrieval for the questions you are going to ask easier.

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Re: Excel Help

A good and helpful thread in OOT called "ask me anything about microsoft excel" here:
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Re: Excel Help

First you want to use text functions to separate out the cards into something excel can read.

Finding relationships from scratch is pretty tough. Presumably you have some hypothesis you want to test? If you do you need to find a way to turn the card data into figures that link to your hypothesis and then test that statistically.
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