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Club Badugi Evaluator

Does anyone have a hand evaluator for Badugi? Prefer it in C++, but any language will probably do except C#.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Badugi Evaluator

It would be pretty trivial to write one, I think. The hand space is so small that you should actually just make a static lookup table. There are only C(52, 4) possible hand combinations (270,725). That's small enough that I would just keep it at that. If you need to compress space further at the expense of time then you could put the hands into a canonical format - Ac 2s 3d 4h is the same score as As 2d 3c 4h and so forth. You can use a 32 bit integer as the score, so it would barely be a megabyte.
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Re: Badugi Evaluator

Pokerstove's peval seems to have badugi support
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Re: Badugi Evaluator

You can combine the two answers above. The pokerstove repository also includes a program ps-lut that creates lookup tables. I have not used it, but I did look it over and it seems you can make one for any game you can evaluate. Not only that but it canonizes it for you as RustyBrooks suggests.
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