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History Discussion of History up to Circa 1990

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This 2-disc series covers the dynamic relationships between the four major warlords of the second world war and their strategic aspirations and fears.

I found this series to be both highly informative and entertaining. The series provides some interesting quotes from the 4 big leaders of the war.

One episode that stood out to me was Churchhill vs Stalin,

When Churchhill landed in Moscow to meet with Stalin in August of 42, Churchill said we will continue hand in hand, like comrades and brothers, until every vestige of the Nazi regime, has been bitten into the ground.

Stalin and Churchhill could easily be described as rivals, but they also had a certain respect for each other. Apparently Churchill and Stalin got drunk together on one of the nights which helped to "break the ice" as the series points out.

Also, I was unaware of non-public statements from Churchill such as those during Churchills visit to Moscow in August of 42, Churchill said (14:20 mark of Ep3 Churchill vs Stalin) The Russians Ive been told, are not human beings at all, they are lower in the scale of nature then the orangutan, well then, let them take that down and translate it into Russian

Of course, Stalin was quite critical of the British people as well.
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Re: "Warlords"

Churchill was right.
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