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Mount Rushmore - Worldwide Edition Mount Rushmore - Worldwide Edition
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Mount Rushmore - Worldwide Edition

07-19-2017 , 06:43 AM
You're in charge of a new Mount Rushmore-style monument, but for world leaders (must have been president/prime minister/king/emperor/big man in charge). You're also in charge of the criteria. Greatest political leader, greatest influence on history, greatest military leader - just make it something that will bring people from around the world to see it. Just like the real Mount Rushmore, you'll be having 4 faces carved - who's it going to be, and why?
07-19-2017 , 06:47 AM
I'm still working on my monument list.

My own rules take out one of the easiest choices as a great leader IMO - Gandhi. Doubt that MLK would've made top 4 for me, but he would have garnered consideration had the criteria not eliminated him as well. Mandela would have been an easy one for me 20 years ago; now I'm not so sure.

On my short list at this point would be Cyrus, Genghis Khan, Alexander, Augustus, Churchill, Napoleon, FDR, Washington, Lincoln, - can't help but feel that list shows I'm a little too deep in recent (primarily North American) history and shallow everywhere else. Need to learn more about Che Guevara, Salahuddin, Mao Zedong. And I'm sure there are lots more I'm missing - looking forward to learning from all of you.
07-20-2017 , 02:42 AM
I would definitely pick Churchill as one of the four. The other three would take some time and consideration. Lucius Cornelius Sulla is definitely on the short list as are many others.
07-20-2017 , 02:08 PM
This was not easy.

After much considerations this is my list:

1- Julius Caesar

2- Napoleon Bonaparte

3- Abraham Lincoln

4- Winston Churchill

There are many other "candidates" who would have made the list. It's only a fine line that separates them from the leaders that I selected.

Well, that line for me was important. All my " Mount Rushmore" icons have one thing in common. They were great leaders but most importantly they were great intellectuals too, amateur philosophers as well.

I too maintain the idea that if this planet is governed by philosophers, it would be a better place.

P.S. My criteria for a great leader: Spread out the civilization.

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07-20-2017 , 04:31 PM
One more thing, as Peter Falk would say, , my list was arranged chronologically.

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07-21-2017 , 06:23 AM
Issac Newton probably belongs. While not a political leader, his influence on history is certainly there.

I also question whether Lincoln should be included. Slavery probably would have ended anyway, just a number of years down the road, and the North just had too many advantages to lose the war. So even though Lincoln was great, I'm not sure he should be this high.

Best wishes,
07-24-2017 , 11:15 AM
For the biggest advance with the least violence, Nelson Mandela.

For imperialists Churchill and the like, put them on a plaque.
07-24-2017 , 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by Bill Haywood Mount Rushmore - Worldwide Edition
For the biggest advance with the least violence, Nelson Mandela.
Siddhartha Gautama ainec
08-08-2017 , 05:59 PM
I have decided on two for sure: Churchill and Constantine. The reasons should be obvious if not agreed on. The other two, I think, will be Asiatic. Genghis Khan perhaps. Influential in other ways but no less profound and long lasting is Confucius. But others are still in contention.
08-10-2017 , 12:34 AM
I need so more time to consider, but considering the rules, I think my partial short list is:

Cyrus II





G. Khan






I think I would eliminate the following:

Alexander (and probably all the ancient Greeks -- lol philosopher kings)

All of the Pharos

All of the midieval monarchs of Europe

New world leaders prior to 1500


I could be pursuaded:

Pope Leo I

Old Testament Kings
08-10-2017 , 12:38 AM
For me, people like Stalin, Mao, Richard I, are eliminated as they were largely just murderers who didn't actually improve the lives of their followers.

G. Khan is on the edge here. But I think he qualifies for me, as I would have expected that his people were better served under his autocracy.

Napoleon... Not sure.

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08-10-2017 , 01:02 AM
Probably should have Elizabeth I on the short list.

And Darius I

The more I consider, the more I consider...


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09-05-2017 , 12:12 AM
Originally Posted by Lapidator Mount Rushmore - Worldwide Edition
Probably should have Elizabeth I on the short list.

And Darius I

The more I consider, the more I consider...

I like all three and would maybe add Charlemagne or Otto I.
11-14-2021 , 05:43 PM
No thanks, one mountain defiled is enough.