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Jack Johnson vs Stanley Ketchel Jack Johnson vs Stanley Ketchel

08-03-2020 , 06:49 PM
Hi Everyone:

In our August Two Plus Two Online Poker Strategy Magazine we have an excerpt from our new book A History of the World from a Gamblerís Perspective by Mason Malmuth and Antonio Carrasco about the 1909 Heavyweight Championship fight between Jack Johnson and Stanley Ketchel that some of you might enjoy:

Best wishes,
08-30-2020 , 03:15 AM
Great excerpt. Thank you!
09-15-2021 , 08:44 PM
You can collect information from different sources on them. But I would like more biographical literature. Because I used to be interested in them. THx
09-28-2021 , 02:24 PM
I heard about the proverbial farmer who kills a guy for seducing his daughter, but that's apparently what really happened to Stanley Ketchel. Shot twice in the head
12-02-2021 , 10:51 AM
History on Fire Podcast has a great 3 episodes on Jack Johnson and his life, boxing career, etc.

My favorite story, He got pulled over for speeding on a back country road. The officer gives him the ticket and Jack pulls out enough cash to pay for two tickets. Cop asks, "What is all this money for?", Jack responds "In about 30 min I'm going to be coming back on this road, and I'll be driving the same speed, so Ill just pay it in advance."