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History Discussion of History up to Circa 1990

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Re: GOAT Military Leader

Originally Posted by bigt2k4 View Post
Montgomery massively underrated. He doesn't have the conquering type experience necessary to be considered GOAT, but he showed a variety of different tactics and defeated Rommel decisively in a situation where Rommel was considered to be a heavy favourite and a master military leader himself. He was masterful in all of his performances and limited casualties of those under him much better than other top leaders.
In which situation was Rommel the heavy favourite? I doubt he was the huge favourite at any time. When the 2nd battle of El Alamein happened the Empire had already an advantage on men and material.

The most able commander of the Germans in WW2 was probably Manstein anyway. The attack on France through the Ardennes was his idea. He stabilized the Eastern Front after Stalingrad when he got permission for tactical retreats and recaptured Kharkov again. He also ordered the troops to breakout to the west in this fine piece rather the South but also was relieved of command during the operation.
The problem with all german commanders during ww2 is to judge them properly since Hitler had the final say in a lot of things esp using retreats as a tactical maneuver.

The Kamianets-Podilskyi pocket is still studied in military academies today as an example of how to avoid annihilation when forces are trapped in a pocket.
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