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The game the same just got fiercer The game the same just got fiercer

07-28-2013 , 03:41 PM
wow I wanna play this
07-28-2013 , 10:58 PM
Great thread. Ty for bump
07-30-2013 , 10:58 PM
Talk About Variance gezzz . . . . lol
08-04-2013 , 07:02 PM
What are the standard reload rules for this game? If you win with 72 et al in a hand and stack your opponent, can he reload for the minimum (20, 50, or however many big blinds) for the next hand? If you successfully bluff with 72 et al, can you add-on 950 big blinds to your 50 big blind stack to cover his 1,000 big blind stack for the grim hand, can you only add-on enough to bring you up to a 100 big blind stack, or are you not allowed to add-on at all?