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The game the same just got fiercer The game the same just got fiercer

09-24-2010 , 09:30 PM
ugh lost 70bi today, ran 40bi under... it's just disheartening looking at a 700bb stack across the table when you have 1
09-25-2010 , 03:38 AM
im probably the only one who thinks this thread sucks. tldr
09-25-2010 , 01:31 PM
^yes, but thanks for letting us know

Can you guys please post some graphs?
09-25-2010 , 08:46 PM
It might be a stupid question but... How can you play this ? I mean, are you allowed to play on the same table with the same IP ?
09-25-2010 , 09:37 PM
yes, on HU tables its fine
09-26-2010 , 08:05 PM
Originally Posted by jackofhearts
im probably the only one who thinks this thread sucks. tldr
yeah but no one cares what you have to say. ever.
09-27-2010 , 07:48 AM
epic thread, gotta do this soon
09-27-2010 , 09:27 AM
PLO version sounds fun.
09-27-2010 , 02:09 PM
MagicNinja was the 5th biggest winner at 100nl this month with 1826 hands at 209.67BB/100.

Another crazy 100nl run playing battleship and you could get the UGL badge lol.
09-27-2010 , 03:21 PM
anyone playing this today?
09-28-2010 , 01:30 AM
Originally Posted by blopp
PLO version sounds fun.
gotta give nutsinho some cred here.

i think the plo version is a ****** ******ed idea, you don't make enough grimming people and trips don't come enough to pay attention.

anyway me and nuts are both obviously hammered drunk playing and he shows me trips which gets him a grim. i don't notice so naturally we're like ok what do we do now.

i'm like well i have nfi, i'll at least ship you a grim.

hes like 'nah man just ship me $4550''.
i'm like seriously?'
he's like 'nah just $3"
i think he means 3k and start saying well your equity can't be above 1k in a hu plo flip so we gotta work this out, but you can at least grim me.

he's like 'nah i want you to ship me 3 dollars'.
naturally i'm like 'I WONT DO IT, I"M NOT GOING TO SEND YOU $3" but i've already sent it obviously just in case he's serious.

i'm like shall i give you a grim?

he's like just make sure i get the $3, snap quits.

nice to know he isn't some douchebag. people are getting worse these days. i can think of so many people who have started to act like little **** lately and i want to punch them in the face but i have no recourse.....
09-28-2010 , 08:27 AM
Originally Posted by durrrr
this is genius
+1 million
09-28-2010 , 05:59 PM
My friend CeJeH and I played this last night HU Battleship style and it was the most ridiculous thing i've ever done... i was 5b/c KTo preflop (which was standard for the dynamic) and running ridiculous bluffs. sometimes just open ship the T5o type hand preflop because of the added equity if he folds that i get to choose to flip or not the best hand... this set up spots where i would randomly ship JJ preflop and he'd snap call with Ax type hands.

this creates such interesting dynamics and allows players to explore 5/6/7 betting when they normally wouldn't. not to mention his our PTR's are ridiculous. i lost 20 BIs... pretty sure we're going to be playing this battleship style at least 2-3 times a week. this is the nuts to play after a long session or a losing day. its so much fun.

[thumbs up]
12-18-2010 , 05:23 PM
Just played it at a home game, so awesome
01-24-2011 , 03:31 AM
bump, lets see some more people playing this cadillac of poker
01-24-2011 , 04:08 AM
Gonna play this tonight before going out. If you lose to the bounty, as well as getting grimmed, you have to take a shot of whiskey.
01-27-2011 , 06:53 PM
Wow this is just the best thing ever. epic. please post in thread if your going to play this on fulltilt with s/n would love to rail!
12-03-2011 , 12:55 AM
this game is the bee's knees
12-03-2011 , 01:20 PM
wow, awesome
01-16-2012 , 07:32 AM
anyone want to play this on merge?
01-17-2012 , 08:25 PM
AlexeiMartov delivers again!
01-17-2012 , 09:25 PM
Originally Posted by NYC's Finest
anyone want to play this on merge?
50nl HU?
01-19-2012 , 02:01 AM
Originally Posted by notR0ld4this
50nl HU?
We're dealing with a bad-ass here
07-22-2013 , 06:31 PM
Would love to see action on this game again
Is alexeimartov still around?
Or did he drop out?
07-23-2013 , 12:02 AM
awesome bump