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Discussion of Durrrr challenge thread (former September **** thread) Discussion of Durrrr challenge thread (former September **** thread)

06-30-2014 , 02:53 PM
Jungle better of punched him if no money or he should be ashamed of himself.
07-08-2014 , 08:18 AM

09-23-2014 , 04:36 AM

Among other things, Dan is basically saying he knows some personal things about Dwan that he will eventually reveal if Tom doesn't start handling this situation with some integrity because as of now he is just ignoring all attempts to communicate and is not paying his penalty for not playing.

My question is at what point do you guys feel like the line should be crossed where you go from being frustrated as hell but stay patient and keep trying to work things out amicably to outing someone's dirty laundry or in the case of other threads on here, making type sites?

I honestly don't really know or have that great a sense of perspective on this but if you were in Dan's shoes, would you feel it is appropriate to start airing whatever dirt he has or do you think it serves no purpose or that it is too soon at the present time?
09-23-2014 , 05:57 AM
Uh, like 3 years ago?
09-23-2014 , 01:49 PM
Originally Posted by Doctor Krieger
09-25-2014 , 10:05 PM
wasnt there suppose to be 2 or 3 people to mediate for the challenge?
09-27-2014 , 09:10 PM
Originally Posted by iPlayPLOhigh
10-07-2014 , 06:40 PM
That video is ****ing hilarious!
04-24-2015 , 01:02 AM
04-24-2015 , 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by callingking
Bumb what ? Read the thread, it's over

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04-26-2015 , 11:57 PM
The good days
04-28-2015 , 11:51 PM
dwan can get staked for a 500k tournament, but can't finish this challenge, or at least forfeit?

can we get an update jungle/durrrr/anyone involved in this?