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That's What She Said! A place to discuss female specific issues related to poker and other subjects.

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table talk with redhead lady---and how to understanding my image

Hero play recreational 1/2 200nl at local card room during weekend.
I generally does okay against female player.
For this lady, I would like to ask 2+2ers' thought and how do I understand my image now

Lady is pretty middle age white redhead. redhead is decent tight aggressive player.
Hero is ugly young Asian wearing business causal.

First hand we play: I raise CO with QJcc, Lady on button 3-bet which I put her on AA. flop KQT, hero check-call; turn another T, hero donkey lead move allin, lady tank fold AA face-up.
Hero never show his hand unless in showdown.
Now the table talk become very interesting,
lady ask if hero bluff, I told her it was a stone cold bluff, I dont have a T and I dont have a boat. Lady claim she dont believe that I was bluffing.
Hero only play tight aggressive, and never slow play.
every pot hero won, lady ask me to show and she claim I dont have anything.
Hero never change his play style, and never show his hand unless showdown
But when hero is playing with this lady, lady give me lots of credit of having the winning hand and did not pay me off at all
I do not think my table mates notice that she was calling me out bluffing while never call me down in any significant hands.

Meanwhile, my table mates believe what she said and keep call me down hand I over bet twice the pot with board-way straight (nut) and got called.
other time I open CO with 10BB raise with AA and someone call me down to the river with 99.

she never directly give me chip except for the first hand where I force her to lay down AA. the whole 4 hour session she give me maximum credit during every hands we played but claiming I was lying. meanwhile my table mates keep paying me off even I was basically playing my hands face-up.

Any thoughts? suggestions for improvement?
Best regards
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Re: table talk with redhead lady---and how to understanding my image

Wrong forum. This isn't a strategy forum.

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