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That's What She Said! A place to discuss female specific issues related to poker and other subjects.

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not god, probably jebus
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Forum Sticky - Plz Read

General 2+2 rules...these all apply:
2+2 Terms & Conditions

"That's What She Said" is intended to be a troll-free zone wherein women can discuss issues germane to them which directly relate to poker, tangentially relate to poker, or even non-poker issues. Men will be allowed to post in this forum, but will be granted far less latitude than women.

If one seeks poker advice on a generic situation unrelated to gender, it does not belong in this forum, but rather the appropriate strat forum. If there is a valid reason why one would only be able to receive meanginful advice on a hand from women, the moderators will be willing to listen to these arguments.

There will be a BBV thread in this forum, as well as a low content chat thread. The low content chat thread will NOT be a place for people to try & pick up women.

This forum will be utilizing a strict MINIMUM infraction system of:
1st offense: warning
2nd offense: 10 points
3rd offense: 20 points
4th offense: 40 points
5th offense: permaban

If your transgressions are deemed to be more malicious or in whatever way reprehensible, you will be punished more harshly at the discretion of the forum moderators.

Moderators will not be constantly available & even when they are, are not likely to be able to read every single post, so as such it is very important that people report offending material.

You will find the report button on the bottom left of the offending post:

Click it, & follow instructions from there. It is often helpful to provide a good reason why you believe this post to be against the rules or offensive. Usually it is obvious, but the more information the better.

This forum is to be considered a SFW forum, with the exception of threads which specifically state "NSFW" in the title. Y'all can use this opportunity to admire men, women, or some combination of the two. Men will not be allowed to start NSFW threads in this forum (although if they think there is some very important exception to this rule that I'm missing, they're welcome to PM a mod about).

If you are going to post pictures, please:
No hotlinking. Rehost all your pictures. Hotlinking is a pain for mods to deal with, steals bandwidth from other sites, puts random dirty cache links in your browser, can be replaced by porn or any other image fail, etc., etc.

Do not evade the profanity filter. Words are filtered here. Circumventing the profanity filter in pictures or words will earn an infraction.

If you do not feel you can follow the rules or the guidelines under which this forum will be run, please err on the side of caution because the rules will be enforced, strictly.

2+2 disclaimer:

Two Plus Two Interactive, LLC Disclaimer Regarding “Prop Bet,” “Challenge,” and “Wager” Forum Posts.

Two Plus Two encourages the candid and open exchange of information and communications between its members. The sheer size and scope of our forums - and the rapid distribution of information originating from thousands of different sources every day - limits our ability to monitor, approve, delete, edit, censor, or screen certain posts that may be offensive or may contain information relating to harmful or illegal activity.

As noted in our terms and conditions, Two Plus Two is not legally responsible for the content of any post, or the accuracy of any information discussed or uploaded onto the Forums by the members. Opinions, advice, discussions, and all other information expressed by the members are those of the members themselves, and not necessarily shared by Two Plus Two.

This includes posts or threads relating to contests, tournaments, “prop bets,” challenges, and wagers between Forum members. Two Plus Two does not, and will not, “book” any bets or wagers between Forum members. Further, Two Plus Two takes no official part in any bets, wagers, related posts, or the discussion of any such transactions between Forum members.

Two Plus Two makes no guarantees or certifications whatsoever that any bets, wagers, or transactions discussed on the Forums are legal, safe, accurate, or sanctioned by Two Plus Two in any way. You rely on such information at your own risk. As such, Two Plus Two will not be liable for the ultimate legality of such transactions nor will Two Plus Two be held responsible for any potential loss or harm to its members as a result of such transactions.
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