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That's What She Said! A place to discuss female specific issues related to poker and other subjects.

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Amusing situations because of male assumption

Playing online people seem to assume that their opponents are 100% male all the time, so I thought it might be fun to collect some amusing situations or completely missed retorts that have arisen because of that assumption.

This story is not that special, but I thought I'd kick things off with this mildly amusing experience.

One day I was freerolling in an MTT, called all-in at an early stage, was behind but sucked out on the river. I doubled up and left the other player pretty short. The guy immediately went on tilt in the chat, calling me all kinds of names. I didn't plan to engage much, but just asked him to calm down. It's poker and we've all been on the receiving end of annoying beats like that and that my call in that spot was pretty standard.

I was responded with the equally standard "go suck a d*ck". Me being me, I then had to educate him that since I am a woman, most times engaging in such an activity would probably be an enjoyable experience for all parties involved. But since I happen to be a lesbian, the insult kind of hit its mark since I really have no desire for it. But in any case it wasn't extremely insulting because the insinuation of male homosexuality isn't really something that affects me personally.

The conversation ceased quite abruptly at that and I busted him like an orbit later. Not that it's much of a sick brag, because I busted about 15 minutes later.
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