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Tournament/SNG Poker Coach Listings This forum consists of threads by tournament and SNG poker coaches who have paid for the privilege of beginning a thread with their details. All users are welcome to participate in these threads.

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HUSNG and Spin and Go Poker Camp (Sep20-Oct4) at Mountain Retreat

Come join Coffeeyay, ChicagoRy and Wubblepig for one or both 7 day poker camps in a 9,000 square foot mountain house, fully equipped with exercise room, massage room, steam room, hot tub, fire pit, 8 burner grill, game room with pool table + air hockey, 12 seat theater room and more.

Coffeeyay and Wubblepig will be providing coaching throughout the duration of the camp. Chadders0 will be joining for at least 5 days and will be providing coaching during that time period as well.

When: Camp 1 is September 20-27th and Camp 2 is September 27-October 4th, 2015. Players may attend both camps and will receive a discount for their room charge.

Where: The beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA. Keystone is located roughly 90 minutes from Denver. Players will fly into Denver International Airport and be transported to the house.

Cost: $1900-3300 per session + cost of your flight.

Included: At least 15 hours of coaching, all breakfast, lunches and snacks, as well as great local beer, wine and spirits/cocktails. Self serve dinners are also included free of charge at the house, for anyone that does not want to go out for food. Laundry machines, cleaning service, transportation to and from the airport, as well as to and from any activities or restaurants/breweries/sights in the area is also free. See below for details on beds/suites.

About the team

Adam "Coffeeyay" Sobolewski is one of the most experienced and well regarded HUSNG and Spin and Go coaches. He's worked with a great deal of high stakes professionals, many as they climbed the ladder and found success. He's coached players such as currrr14, spiritedreal, 307th, torg0th, bubbleoutcas, noxxq, emotionx, yovengo, rocmar87 and spl0dge.

Scott "Wubblepig" Pollington has had great success at the highest levels of Spin and Gos on PokerStars. His results in particular on tables with one "regular" are very impressive. He has been regularly coaching players in Spin and Gos throughout 2015 as well, and is excited to provide insight into this new and profitable format at the camp.

Richard "Chadders0" Chadwick built the original guide to hyper turbo HUSNGs, while beating the $60s and moving into the $100 hyper levels. He now resides as a member of the $500s division, and has had epic battles against the best players in the world, most notably, mrgr33n13 in the $500 and $1,000s. He's made videos and coached players for 4 years now and will be primarily coaching heads up situations in this camp.

Ryan "ChicagoRy" Pachmayer is the founder of He will be handling the logistics of the camp, such as meals, drinks, activities, transportation and more. From a rare beer tasting, to cocktail night, hikes, biking, games and more, Ryan will be making sure everyone has a great experience.

Individual Suites (6 available)

Each suite includes its own private bathroom and shower, mini fridge, closet and queen or king size bed. All suites have porches, except for Imagine Suite, which has a larger room area instead.

The cost of a suite is $3300 each for 7 days.

Discovery Room Beds (5 Available)

Scott "Wubblepig" and Adam "Coffeeyay" will each have a bed in this large shared room. There are three regular bathrooms with sink/toilet and one large bathroom with a shower that the Discovery and Chiron rooms will share. There is a large balcony outside of the Discovery room, with stairs leading to the ground floor side covered porch.

$1900 each for 7 days.

Chiron Room Regular Beds (2 Available)

Upstairs from the Discovery room is the Chiron room, with one large (king) bed, and two regular sized beds available. It also has a private patio facing the back of the house.

$1900 each for 7 days.

Chiron Room King Bed (1 Available)

$2300 for 7 days.

You can view walk through videos of the suites, shared rooms and other areas of the house HERE.


For more information or to book now, send me a PM here. Payment options include Skrill, Paypal, Bank Wire and more. Prices above are USD. Payments in non USD currencies can be handled.

Attendees will receive a full survey when booking, covering three main categories:

1) Poker - What each participant would like to learn, so that the coaches can customize some of their time to learning those topics.

2) Food - What you like to eat, allergies, preferences and more. Meals will be tailor made to the preferences of attendees, as will beverage choices.

3) Leisure - If you want to go on a hike in the mountains, that will be arranged. Want to explore a cave? No problem. Just want to watch a movie or TV show in the theater room or on one of the other TVs? That's cool too. This category will include any alcohol and other enjoyment too.

In addition to the above, we can help you book your flights (finding you the best airfare prices) and handle any other logistics for you.
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Re: HUSNG and Spin and Go Poker Camp (Sep20-Oct4) at Mountain Retreat

If you have any questions, ask away. Coffeeyay has posted his coaching plans:

Originally Posted by coffeeyay View Post
Hey guys just wanted to give some more details on a few lecture topics I plan to cover in the camp. I'll start with the one I'm most excited about—near game theory optimal (aka GTO) SB and BB ranges for 3-handed play (ie when the button open folds). I've been working on computing them for months now and I'll finally be revealing these ranges at the boot camp. I'll discuss how to make the most money out of understanding them, as well as disusing future ramifications on reg play. These ranges will be a great way for any player to gain edge preflop on even the toughest regs and keep it throughout their career. We'll also be looking at GTO play in heads up scenarios, both preflop and post, and how to use GTO to make the most money you can at the tables. With recent breakthroughs in computing power and calculation software this is where I'm noticing the largest increase in edge in players for work put in.

Another topic I'm very excited about is looking at using HUDs more appropriately. Most of the money in our careers comes from exploitative play, so every tool we can use to exploit players is an essential one to cultivate. With today's advances in strategy it's important to be able to recognize other strategies. To this end we will examine high level ways to connect HUD stats with ranges and strategies. We will also look at common strategies in the metagame and discuss viable counter strategies—we'll also look at how we can build strategies that combine exploitation with balance by using our GTO breakthroughs.

I also plan on doing non-strategy bonus seminars. We'll look at topics away from direct strategy to try to find new avenues for growth. A few tentative examples are: “The history of HUSNGs—a case study for metagame analysis” and “What separates the best from the rest? A panel discussion”. These lighter topics will provide insight into new areas to explore in your work to become the best poker player you can be.

In all of this I plan to craft the specific set of seminars to the individual groups of participants. Your input will be incorporated into the curriculum and our goal will be to discuss new content regardless of your incoming knowledge level—our coaching staff will make sure of it.
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Re: HUSNG and Spin and Go Poker Camp (Sep20-Oct4) at Mountain Retreat

Hi Guys

I'll be running a mindset seminar for both groups via teleconference in the theater room.

It will be a 1hour seminar and then 30mins of Q&A. I'll be discussing my thoughts on the optimal mindset for poker and teaching techniques play in the zone more often.

Look forward to talking with you then


(Click on my coaching listing for details about me and my process)

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Old 09-03-2015, 08:02 PM   #4
Evan Jarvis
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Re: HUSNG and Spin and Go Poker Camp (Sep20-Oct4) at Mountain Retreat

If Elliot's in, I'm in too

I've already had amazing results from just doing one session with Elliot, and I have a feeling there might be a few other last minute superstar additions being made to the bootcamp roster

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Re: HUSNG and Spin and Go Poker Camp (Sep20-Oct4) at Mountain Retreat

Grippppsed! Can't wait to see you Evan.

For those that don't know, Evan aka Gripsed runs a sweet free modeled poker training. His huge youtube channel, for example -
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Re: HUSNG and Spin and Go Poker Camp (Sep20-Oct4) at Mountain Retreat

A few more slots left if anyone is interested, getting close
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